Marvel Comics signs Bryan Hitch

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics is proud to announce that penciler Bryan Hitch will join theever-growing list of hot creators at The House. Known for his eye-poppingwork on JLA and The Authority, Hitch was enticed over to Marvel to launch atop secret title that will soon be unveiled.

"Bryan has just begun to redefine the visual sense of 21st century comicbooks and I'm proud to say that he's decided to team with Marvel," saidMarvel Editor In Chief Joe Quesada. "In the tradition of years past, Marvelhas always been home to the great visionaries of the action adventure genreand Bryan is one more name to add to the history books. I'm giddy as allhell to see Mr. Hitch continue his explorations into the world of widescreencomics, and I anxiously await the breakthroughs that we'll all be marvelingat within the pages of whatever Marvel book his art graces!"

You can learn more Marvel -- and even read free Marvel DotComics -- atwww.marvel.com!

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