Marvel's Serpent War Uses a Different Conan Than We See in Savage Avengers

Marvel continues to press onwards with its line of comic books featuring Conan the Barbarian with its upcoming limited series Conan: Serpent War. However, the version of the Cimmerian featured in Serpent War will be slightly different than the one readers have seen mixing it up on the pages of Savage Avengers.

In an exclusive interview with CBR, writer Jim Zub spoke to the distinctions between Serpent War's Conan and the Conan Marvel readers have gotten to know since the New York-based comics publisher reacquired the rights to the character last year.

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"Editor Mark Basso and I talked at length about 'which' Conan we'd be using - the current one in Savage Avengers or the Cimmerian from a different time," Zub explained. "Given the way the story builds and some of the specific imagery we use, I decided to pull Conan from an earlier point in history.

"Serpent War takes place right after the 'God in the Bowl' story," he continued. For context, The God in the Bowl is one of the original Conan short stories by Robert E. Howard, which was published posthumously in 1952. "It's a fun throwback to a conan that's a bit more impetuous and headstrong, confident in his abilities but also not as experienced."

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Written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Scot Eaton, Conan: Serpent War #1 goes on sale Dec. 4 from Marvel Comics.

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