Marvel Reveals Secret Warriors' Secret Empire Ties

It's not new news that've known for a while now Marvel has been cooking up a new "Secret Warriors" team book featuring a mix of Inhumans new and old. But now the publisher has revealed that the team will be taking on a significant role in the fightback against Hydra in the wake of the upcoming "Secret Empire" event.

In an interview on Marvel.com, series writer Matthew Rosenberg shared a few more details about the series and its direction, starting with the team's reaction to the controversial revelation of Captain America status as a covert Hydra agent.

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"Really that is the birth of our Secret Warriors." Rosenberg is quoted, "Many of them are the Inhumans who are a little outside traditional Inhuman culture. They don’t all get along with each other, and they don’t all agree on how to do things, but they are forced together because of their common enemy. And I think that’s a key point to this book: it’s not about Inhumans, or super heroes, or anything like that. It’s about putting aside differences and trying to help people."

Rosenberg also explained that the absence of much of the Inhuman Royal Family will also have an important impact on many team members. "These are characters whose heroes have left; their mentors have left and their government has left. And the question becomes, 'Who are they on their own?' Obviously Ms. Marvel, Moon Girl, and Quake are all heroes on their own terms, but this still has some profound effects on them. There are opportunities for some of our cast to be the next great leaders of Inhuman society, and there are opportunities for some to cut those ties entirely. This is [sic] going to be a lot of big choices our Warriors have to make before all of this is over."

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Written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Javier Garron, "Secret Warriors" arrives in May 2017.

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