Marvel Comics remembers Julie Schwartz

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics solemnly extends condolences to the family of JulieSchwartz.

Julie, we thank you for helping to shape our current comic bookindustry, and we join our creators, fans, professionals, friends and familyin mourning your passing.

Without Julie's genius, the fantastic world we all love -- fromcreators to fans to professionals -- may not have been so incredible,amazing or uncanny.

As Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley said, "The impact of Julie's work --along with the other greats of the Silver Age -- cannot be underestimated.Everyone at Marvel will miss Julie, and we will all continue to honor hiscontributions and remember him for his tireless work as creator, ambassadorand living legend."

Marvel's Editor in Chief, Joe Quesada, added, "I owe a special debtto Julie, as he was another of the inspirations that drove me to accept thepressures of steering these characters' 'lives', so to speak. Every time Isaw Julie at an industry function, he always greeted me with a smile and thefirmest of handshakes. Julie and so many others have touched our hearts ina special way and helped to show us the potential of the medium. These guysare a big part of why we're in these seats today. A hero has passed."

Thank you, Julie. You will be missed every bit as much as you willbe remembered.

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