Marvel Comics to Relaunch Guardians of the Galaxy in 2019

Marvel Comics has plans to relaunch its Guardians of the Galaxy title in 2019 with the Thanos creative team of writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw. Guardians of the Galaxy ended right before the event series Infinity Countdown.

Newsarama reports the announcement can be found in advance copies of Wednesday's Thanos Legacy #1.

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"Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw will soon reveal... #WhoAreTheGuardians" is the text found in the issue, with a two-page spread of over 35 Marvel cosmic characters including the current iteration of the Guardians, Galactus, Cosmic Ghost Rider, the Sh'iar Imperial Guard, the Starjammers, the original Guardians of the Galaxy team from the 1960s, Beta Ray Bill, the Super-Skrull, Adam Warlock, Howard the Duck and many more.

Cates and Gerry Duggan will team with artist Brian Level for Thanos Legacy #1, a one-shot detailing what happened to the Mad Titan following Cates and Shaw's’ “Thanos Wins” story arc, along with the villain’s connection to Requiem, who was revealed to be his daughter and Guardians member Gamora Infinity Wars.

Thanos Legacy is a kind of thematic sequel to the ‘Thanos Wins’ storyline that Geoff Shaw and I created. It follows the missing time from the end of Thanos’ journey at the end of everything to…well, you’ll see,” Cates explained in a previous press release. “It’s an absolute blast to step back into the Mad Titan’s story and to give voice to my favorite monster again. If you dug ‘Thanos Wins’, this is a story you won’t want to miss! Things are about to get brutal again.”

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Cosmic Ghost Rider #3, written by Cates, includes the future Guardians of the Galaxy with Cable, Captain Marvel (Kamala Khan with Captain America's shield), Juggerduck (Howard the Duck with the gem of Cyttorak), Rocket in an Iron Groot mecha-suit and Jubilee. It remains to be seen whether the team seen in Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 is incorporated into Cates and Shaw's relaunched Guardians of the Galaxy in 2019, or if the events of Thanos Legacy #1 will contains clues as to what the roster will look like.

Thanos Legacy #1 by Donny Cates, Gerry Duggan and Brian Level goes on sale September 5 from Marvel Comics.

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