10 Times Rachel Summers Was The Most Powerful Mutant In The Marvel Universe

Rachel Summers/Rachel Grey/Phoenix/Marvel Girl/Prestige is an incredibly powerful mutant that has been written inconsistently for years, which has resulted in ever-changing power levels. It's unclear how powerful Rachel Summers will be in her upcoming appearance in the "Dawn of X" relaunch of X-Men, but she's among some very powerful company.

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While Rachel Summers/Prestige wasn't included in Jonathan Hickman's official list of Omega-Level mutants, she is still one of the most powerful mutants in the world and has performed the absurd feats to prove it. So, today we're going to look at a few times Rachel Summers showed how powerful she really is while we get ready for the launch of X-Men.

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In Rachel's first appearance during the "Days of Future Past" storyline, she uses her mental abilities to send Kate Pryde's consciousness back from their dark future into the body of young Kitty Pryde in the past.

Later in Rachel's life, she would become a leader in the future known as Mother Askani, and she would use her abilities to bring the minds of Scott Summers/Cyclops and Jean Grey/Phoenix to the future and place them in the bodies of the mutants Slym and Redd, in order to raise their time-displaced son, Nathan Summers/Cable.


One of Rachel's earliest displays of power came when the X-Men encountered the human form of the Beyonder in Secret Wars II. The Beyonder at this time is trying to find himself by exploring humanity. Rachel is hurt, scared, and exiled from her time, with incredibly potent powers she doesn't fully know how to control.

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Oh, and she is possessed by the Phoenix Force, the same cosmic energy that corrupted her mother into the Dark Phoenix. The Beyonder's near-omnipotent abilities falter in the face of Rachel's full unbridled Phoenix Force, coupled with the emotional and telepathic attack that overwhelmed the Beyonder with Rachel's tormented memories.


Rachel bonded with the Phoenix Force shortly after arriving in the X-Men's present day, after she interacted with the Force in her astral form. In Rachel's reality, she was born during a time when Jean Grey was possessed by the Force, so she had an innate relationship with the cosmic being.

That's potentially why Rachel was able to handle the power of the Phoenix for so long without succumbing to corruption and becoming a Dark Phoenix. Her powers while possessed by the Phoenix were also further heightened, easily making her the most powerful mutant at the time.


While Rachel never really fell to the Dark Phoenix form, there was a period of time during which the Phoenix Force completely took over Rachel's body and took to the stars to learn about itself and its purpose in the universe.

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During Rachel/Phoenix's journey, she encountered Galactus as he prepared to devour a world full of life and intervened. An epic battle between the two cosmic forces ensued that scorched the planet Phoenix was trying to save. Phoenix would have been able to defeat the weakened Galactus, but he convinced her of their similarities and she left him to consume the planet.


Following Rachel's time with Excalibur, she sacrificed herself to save Captain Britain and was lost in the timestream, where she lost her connection to the Phoenix Force. When she returned to the X-Men it was with only her powers of telepathy and telekinesis, which she proved was more than enough to still be one of the X-Men's most powerful members.

During an encounter with the powerful android known as The Fury, Rachel uses her powers in a unique way after finding she isn't able to touch The Fury with her telekinesis. She instead used her molecular control of the air around the box to squeeze and exert enough pressure to create a miniature singularity, which shunted The Fury into another dimensional continuum for a bit.


As the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey (of an alternate reality), she was born with potentially powerful genes, particularly coveted by mutant geneticist Mister Sinister. Rachel's younger/older brother Nathan Summers is also incredibly powerful, and during the Cable & Deadpool run, he got a power boost that enabled him to constantly levitate his own city, Providence.

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During a battle with the Silver Surfer, Cable lost control and Providence began falling to the ground. Thankfully the X-Men were on scene, and Rachel was able to catch and hold the huge floating city long enough for Cable to recover and lower it safely to the ocean.


While we mentioned that Rachel isn't officially on the Omega-Level mutant list, she has proven her power against mutants who are on that list quite a few times. Not only has Rachel quickly knocked out a number of powerful telepaths by quickly overwhelming them with her raw power, but she has also psychically battled the Omega-Level telepath, Quentin Quire.

During a psychic training session led by Rachel Grey, Quire attempted to enter Rachel's mind. There he saw her Hound form and was almost instantly knocked out with a bloody nose. At this point, Quentin wasn't as powerful as he would become, but this was still a strong display of her power.


Another Omega-Level mutant that Rachel has dealt with is the ancient psionic Bennet du Paris/Exodus, who was recently revealed to sit on the new ruling Quiet Council of Krakoa in Hickman's House of X/Powers of X event. Exodus is a powerful telepath and telekinetic, with a number of other powers that make him an incredibly dangerous foe.

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During a battle between Exodus and the X-Men, Rachel Summers is locked in a psychic battle with Exodus while the X-Men fight the powerful villain, and she reveals she is stopping Exodus from shutting down their brains or wiping their minds during the battle. Without Rachel's help, the X-Men would likely have fallen to Exodus that day.


As we mentioned earlier, Rachel's power levels have been portrayed inconsistently over the years, which was partially explained in X-Men: Gold when it was revealed Rachel had been putting mental blocks on her own abilities because she was afraid of her potential.

While the X-Men were fighting a nanite swarm that had bonded with Sentinel AI, Rachel was able to telepathically wipe out the sentient consciousness of the Sentinel swarm and unlocked a new level of potential to her powers that have yet to be explored.


During the epic Avengers vs X-Men matchup that saw the two teams face off against each other over the fate of Hope Summers and the Phoenix Force, Rachel found herself fighting against the Avengers, both with the X-Men and alone against their most powerful members.

One such match-up had her face off against Thor. She not only blocked one of his swings with Mjolnir, but actually redirected the enchanted hammer back into him to take him out of the fight. She also hurled Cap's shield back at him.

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