Marvel: 10 Times Quicksilver Was The Biggest Jerk In The Comics

One of the things that you can't say about Quicksilver, aka Pietro Maximoff, is that the superhero's days at the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants are behind him. Sure, he and his twin sister Scarlet Witch left it to join the Avengers. But the loyalties of Quicksilver are dubious since times immemorial. Didn't he willingly join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants when Scarlet Witch was hit by Magneto's bullet for the second time?

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The events of Quicksilver's career aside, his characteristics are arrogance, impatience, and jealousy. In addition to these delinquencies, Quicksilver has done some unforgivable things. Isn't there a famous adage that goes something like, "He's a jerk but he's a superhero."? We prove the jerk part right. Here is Marvel: 10 Times Quicksilver Was The Biggest Jerk In Comics.


Quicksilver's backstory is essential in understanding his character. Both he and Wanda were kidnapped at a young age by the High Evolutionary and brought to Wundagore Mountain as lab rats. Once he was dissatisfied with the results, the High Evolutionary returned them back to Wundagore as mutants. All their lives, Quicksilver and Wanda lived as vagabonds.

Then one day, Wanda accidentally set a house on fire and the siblings were subsequently chased by a wild mob, but are ultimately saved by Magneto. Feeling highly indebted, Wanda is pressed by Magneto to join his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and aid him in terrorist activities.

From X-Men #4 to X-Men #11, the two reluctantly aided Magneto, sometimes openly rebelling against him, Quicksilver more. On the other hand,Wanda calls it quits. The benefit of the doubt aside, Quicksilver took his chances when he decided to join the Brotherhood.


Upon joining the Avengers, Quicksilver's moral compass isn't quite set straight. He was always unsure of humanity's suspicion of the Mutants, especially as of him and his sister. As he learned, Magneto had returned to Earth, and Quicksilver compelled his sister to join the Brotherhood again.

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In an open defection to Avengers, Quicksilver joins the Brotherhood after Scarlet Witch is hit by a bullet. Unbeknownst to Quicksilver, the bullet was controlled by none other than Magneto.


It is one thing to leave the evil Brotherhood, but absolutely another thing to absorb Magneto's toxic attitude of mutant superiority. Both the twins fell prey to that during their short stint at the Brotherhood. But,Quicksilver displays this toxic behavior often.

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More often than not, this contributed to his toxic masculinity. It is highly reflective in things such as Quicksilver openly defying Captain America's orders, his clashes with Hawkeye over who would be the next-leader of Avengers, and refusing his sister to marry the love of her life, Android-Vision.


Perhaps the worst thing that Quicksilver has ever done is force Scarlet Witch to rewrite the reality in House of M. The thing is, Scarlet Witch possesses reality-altering powers and the timeline has come to a point where she is controlled by Magneto, who is now the biggest power on the planet. The Mutants have become the ruling class of the planet.

As it turns out, Magneto isn't the root of the evil this time around. Doctor Strange, upon examining Scarlet, discovers that it was Quicksilver who had his sister alter the world. Why, you ask? Because at the beginning, seeing as Scarlet was getting too powerful and unstable to be left alone in Magneto's company, the Avengers decided to do something about her. Fearing for his sister's life, Quicksilver had her alter the course of reality by proclaiming Magneto the king.


Quicksilver inherited  Magneto's temper, so it's natural that he would do things uncalled for. Pietro by this time was married to an Inhuman Crystal, with whom he has a daughter, Luna.

Upon discovering Crystal has been having an affair, Quicksilver leaves Attilan. This kicks off a slew of questionable dark behavior, with Quicksilver doing everything from framing the Avengers for treason to proclaiming himself as the King of all the Mutants.


Quicksilver is one of the most dilly-dallying characters to be written by Stan Lee. As the U.N. grants Magneto sovereignty over Genosha, the island nation in Africa, Pietro joins him.

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There are two ways to look at this event. First, Quicksilver joins Magneto's cabinet to keep his father's powers in check. Second, Quicksilver sees this purely as an opportunity. The latter seems justifiable on account of the fact that, during the House of M saga, Quicksilver had Scarlet rewrite the entire reality and proclaim Magneto as the Supreme. The purpose may be clear, but the means, not so much.


Not only does Pietro sneak into the Terrigen Mists chamber to regain his power after his suicide attempt in the wake of House of M saga, but he also steals the pieces of Terrigen and exposes them to his daughter, Luna so she could gain special abilities. It is to be remembered that Luna was born an ordinary human.

Quicksilver turns this activity into a whole-scale business by setting up a shop in Mutant Town. Pietro claims that the lost powers of mutants were stolen by the government and the powers would be restored by the Terrigen Mists. He of course is playing with their lives and he only speaks half-truths. His clients had the right to know that Terrigen Mists were harmful. Many people lost their lives and Pietro was squarely responsible for it.


This shortly follows the Terrigen Mists incident. Pietro his absolute rock bottom when he encounters Layla Miller, a key figure from the House of M. He saves Layla from drowning, not because he has a life-altering experience; he wants Layla Miller to be dead at his hands. This is because Pietro blames Layla for the turn of events at House of M. This marks Pietro's major descent into madness.


This may be a minor incident, but it shows the bigger picture of Quicksilver's unpolished behavior. After this re-empowerment, he joins the Avengers Unity Division where he develops feelings for Synapse.

Synapse, aka Emily Guerrero, was serving as a member in Avengers Unity Division at the time. Quicksilver, unable to confess his feelings to her, chooses to show off his prowess during a fight with the Juggernaut. The whole thing backfires, as Synapse is gravely injured. And once again, Quicksilver is fired from the squad.


In West Coast Avengers #33-36, Quicksilver compels Wanda to join the communist gang. Suddenly, the gang has appeared on the scene and captured the West Coast Avengers. The Avengers are utterly confused about this turn of events.

Pietro boasts on showing his mutant powers to the communists and pushes off to become the King of Evil Mutants. Poor Wanda is left embarrassed, explaining to everyone that it is Magneto's blood that makes her brother a lunatic. Turns out, it is Quicksilver allied with the Voice behind the whole incarceration of Avengers.

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