Marvel Comics Puts The Stop to Thai Shop Dressing Employees Like Spider-Man

Proportional strength of a spider? Check.

Ability to climb walls? Check.

Can shoot webs? Check.

Use spider-sense to detect danger? Check.

Can deliver gas to customers throughout Bangkok? Not so fast there, Spidey.

In August, Marvel Comics threatened legal action against Thai businessman Narongwit Suthiviriyakul, whose gas deliverymen are famous for dressing up in outrageous costumes on their delivery runs. But when Suthiviriyakul decided to cash in on the hype for the Spider-Man movie, Marvel threatened to catch him up in their legal web.

Business had almost doubled while the deliverymen wore the familiar red and blue tights of Spider-Man, Suthiviriyakul told Agence France-Presse. But Suthiviriyakul found a worthy substitute in Austin Powers.

"We still receive a warm welcome from our clients, but the feedback is not as good as Spider-Man," Suthiviriyakul said.

He is also considering future costume gimmicks, such as dressing his deliverymen as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, but said he will be paying closer attention to copyright laws in future.

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