Marvel Debuts a New Wolverine Straight Out of the Matrix

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel Comics Presents #9, on sale Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Wolverine is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe, with the Adamantium-laced mutant making frequent appearances in his own solo title, X-Men and Avengers books. He's the best there is at what he does, and he's not afraid to let you know that fact. It's because of Wolverine's popularity that Marvel Comics hasn't shied away from trying to capitalize on his fame, forcing him to make guest-appearances as he hops from comic to hop.

When Marvel killed him in the Death of Wolverine miniseries, the publisher simply put his cloned daughter X-23 in the Wolverine mantle, as well as transferring Old Man Logan from his alternate universe to Earth-616. Now, Marvel looks to debut a complete new Wolverine inside the preview pages of Marvel Comics Presents #9.

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The issue features two stories starring Wolverine, but it's the second that we're going to focus on today. Meet u/Wolverine, a resident of the EXE/Scape. Think of this location as a virtual Matrix, where everyone goes to escape a reality that's gone to hell. Of course, when you have a place with strict rules, there will be those who look to break them. Instead of mutants having an X-gene, here they carry the EXE gene.

This gene allows them to alter the programming of the Matrix-like cyberspace, granting them powers. A preview of Marvel Comics Presents #9 reveals u/Wolverine patrols in search of corrupt users like <Clan_Yoshida>, which is a play on the actual Clan Yoshida from the Marvel U.

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While u/Wolverine is rocking Logan's familiar facial hair, his costume skews slightly different from the X-Man. This Wolverine looks more like a hacker than an Adamantium slasher, with the preview refusing to confirm if Wolverine still has claws that come out of his fists. Though since the EXE/Scape grants him powers, there is a good possibility that he can do whatever he pleases with his willpower.

The background looks like something you'd find from the internet, as pixels and data move along at their own pace. If this internet is anything like the one found in the real world, then there is likely danger at every turn, especially if <Clan_Yoshida> learns u/Wolverine is hunting them. Be sure to pick up Marvel Comics Presents #9 when it goes on sale Sept. 25 to see how u/Wolverine's story plays out.

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