10 Most Powerful Cosmic Artifacts In Marvel Comics

Any longtime Marvel fans will already know this, but casual fans now know that the most powerful devices in the Marvel Universe have to be cosmic in origin. After the events of the MCU saw Thanos utilize the powerful Infinity Stones to alter the universe, its clear that Marvel Comics biggest threats are often cosmic in origin.

Many of the foes and events the heroes of the Marvel Universe have faced over the years have originated from artifacts and weapons from the cosmic universe. With that in mind, let's look at the ten most powerful cosmic artifacts in Marvel Comics.

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10 Mandarin’s Rings

To start this off, let’s look at the villain Mandarin and his all-powerful rings. Found by the villain in the Valley of the Spirits in China, the ten rings discovered were actually powerful energy sources found in the destroyed ship of an alien craft from Maklu-IV, a planet with large dragon-like alien creatures known as Makluans.

Each ring has its own power, from icy blasts and electro blasts to vortex beams and matter rearrangers. The Mandarin has been able to connect the rings to his consciousness, allowing only him to be able to use the ten rings.

9 The Watcher’s Eye

One cosmic artifact that originally was a part of a cosmic entity has to be the eye of Uatu, a.k.a. the Watcher. The cosmic being who inhabited the moon of Earth was responsible for seeing and recording the history of the Marvel Universe. During the story Original Sin, Uatu is found by Marvel heroes to have had his life taken from him.

Throughout the story, the heroes learn that Nick Fury initiated the crime, having served as the Earth’s man on the wall to protect against cosmic threats. The Watcher’s eyes were taken as they allowed users to see all.

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8 Ultimate Nullifier

One of the more powerful weapons in the known Marvel Universe has to be the Ultimate Nullifier. First found in the battle between the Fantastic Four and Galactus, the Ultimate Nullifier was stolen by the Human Torch and Uatu from Galactus’ ship. Reed Richards threatened to use it, and this drove Galactus away from Earth.

Not only can the device be used to destroy any target the wielder wants, but in the hands of an all-powerful entity, the device can also destroy and erase entire timelines from the multiverse, making this well known as an all-powerful cosmic weapon.

7 Cosmic Cube

This next artifact actually has several versions of it running throughout the Marvel Universe. The Cosmic Cube may well be known by many fans of the MCU thanks to Captain America and The Avengers, but it has a long history in the comics. These devices are used to contain reality-altering energies from the universe occupied by the Beyonders.

The most recent Cosmic Cube event involved the event Secret Empire. The sentient piece of a Cosmic Cube named Kobik was tricked into creating an evil, HYDRA loyal Captain America until the real Steve Rodgers convinced Kobik to set things right.

6 Quantum Bands

A powerful weapon used in the cosmic universe is the Quantum Bands. Designed by Eon for the use by the Protector of the Universe, with each new candidate being bestowed by Eon with these bands. The most well-known user, of course, is the hero Quasar.

The bands allow the wielder to draw energy from the Quantum Zone, a place where all possible energy derives from in the Marvel Universe. They can control the electromagnetic spectrum, open wormholes to travel through space, detect energy, and even protect whoever is wearing the bands with an energy shield from any enemy attacks.

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5 Phoenix Blade

A powerful sword in the Marvel Universe that has a cosmic origin has to be the Blade of the Phoenix—or the Phoenix Blade, for short. A weapon used by the second person to be possessed by the Phoenix Force, Rook’shir, the weapon was used to cause massive destruction in the Shi’ar Empire.

The Phoenix Force soon left Rook’shir, but a piece of its power embedded into the weapon. His descendent Korvus later used the weapon to go after Rachel Grey, but, after defeating several X-Men, he and Rachel psychically linked and shared memories of their own individual pains.

4 Galactus’ Ship

One of the more powerful artifacts in the universe has to be the home ship of the ravager of worlds, Galactus. Known as Taa II or Worldship, the solar system sized space station was created after Galactus emerged from his incubation cube into our newly born universe after the Big Bang.

After destroying his first world, he used the raw material of the planet to build his ship as an homage to his lost planet Taa. Not only does his have many powerful weapons stored on the ship (including the Ultimate Nullifier), but he also has captured many alien lifeforms.

3 Infinity Gems

Probably the most infamous and iconic cosmic weapons in the Marvel Universe are the Infinity Gems. Much more popular now after the latest two Avengers films in the MCU, the Infinity Gems are six powerful gems that house powerful sources of different energies that allow users to control their specific powers.

The six gems include the Soul, Time, Space, Mind, Reality and Power gems. When merged together, these gems have the power to alter reality as the Marvel Universe knows it. The most infamous use of these gems includes the Infinity War saga which saw Thanos use another cosmic device…

2 Infinity Gauntlet

…and that device is the Infinity Gauntlet. The gauntlet was built to house all six of the Infinity Gems. Thanos gathered the device after stealing all six gems from the Elders of the Universe who once protected them in a mad attempt to appease the love of his life, the physical embodiment of Death itself.

Using the gauntlet with the gems, Thanos was able to wipe out half of all life in the Marvel Universe. Of course, his plan failed to impress Death enough, and his mad plan was eventually undone. It’s been used several times since the Infinity Saga.

1 The Heart of the Universe

Described by Thanos as being so powerful that the Infinity Gauntlet pales in comparison, the Heart of the Universe is the most powerful object in the entire Marvel Universe. Created by Marvel’s Supreme Being to correct an imbalance in the universe between good and evil, the device has the power to control the Marvel Multiverse itself, making them the supreme being.

The most infamous case of the Heart of the Universe saw Thanos wrestling control of the device for himself, and eventually being tricked into absorbing the entirety of the Marvel Multiverse until Adam Warlock convinced him to undo it.

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