Rumor Debunked: Marvel Comics NOT Moving to the West Coast


A Marvel executive has informed CBR that rumors of the publisher moving to the West Coast are false. The company has no plans to shift its comic book operations from New York City to Los Angeles.

The rumor, which has been floating around the comics industry for years, took on new life late Thursday when The Beat reported an increase in buzz among professionals.

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Although Marvel has maintained it has no plans to ever abandon its New York roots, rumors have persisted that it would eventually make the cross-country migration ever since its biggest competitor, DC, announced in late 2013 that it would relocate to Burbank, California, the following year. The company's digital and administrative divisions had been there since 2011.

Marvel appears determined to remain on the East Coast, but there remains a sense that it's only a matter of time before it follows DC to California. After all, Marvel Studios is based in Los Angeeles, along with Marvel's corporate parent, The Walt Disney Company. The prospect of having the division that produces the source material for Marvel's films and television projects working in close proximity to the comics publisher may seem logical, but whenever it's come up in interviews with Disney/Marvel executives, the idea has been shot down.

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