Marvel's 'No Mercy' Mystery is the Publisher's 'Most Ruthless' New Team

Marvel Comics today released a teaser hinting at one final member being revealed for the team at the center of the publisher’s upcoming, yet-named event. According to the teaser, the finale member will complete the roster for “Marvel’s newest, most ruthless team,” which is quite a claim given that the Savage Avengers are running around right now.

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Thus far, the characters revealed for the team draw heavily from the supernatural and cosmic branches of the Marvel Universe. Members include Blade, Angela, Spectrum, Wiccan, Hellstrom and the Winter Soldier. Each character is known for their uncompromising approach to superhero vigilantism. The final member of the group will also likely fall in that wheelhouse and could be anyone from Wolverine or Drax to a Spirit of Vengeance.

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Marvel is keeping the nature of the event heavily under wraps now. A name for the event hasn’t even been revealed yet. Each teaser has simply come with accompanying text teasing the upcoming story will show “no compromise” and “no mercy.”

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More information about Marvel’s mystery event is slated to be revealed on the company’s podcast The Pull List on June 11. Additional information can also be found at Marvel.com/reveal once that date has passed.

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