Marvel Comics Teases New X-Men Title for Fall 2018

Ahead of the X-Men Panel scheduled for Sunday, July 22 at 11:15 AM PT during Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Comics has released a teaser image promoting a new X-Men series for Fall 2018.

Of course, all we have to go by at the moment is the image of the X-Men symbol and the date we can expect the new title to launch, but more details (and hopefully a title and creative team) will be revealed at the X-Men-focused panel.

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This isn't the first tease for a new X-Men series to be released ahead of the convention, with a Magneto-focused "Hearts of Darkness" X-Men Black image debuting last week.

If Marvel is planning to launch a new X-Men comic, it will have the opportunity to replace the recently-announced cancellations of X-Men Gold and X-Men Blue, which will both come to an end in September. Could this new title select from a different color option to stay consistent with X-Men Red and the upcoming X-Men Black, or will Marvel choose to go back to the classic Uncanny X-Men name is anyone's guess.

The time-displace mutants of X-Men Blue will have their story wrapped up in August's Extermination event series as the past, present and future of mutantkind hangs in the balance. X-Men Gold's wedding issue, unfortunately, did not conclude with Kitty Pryde and Colossus tying the not, as the X-Men leader left Piotr Rasputin standing at the altar. However, Gambit stepped up to the plate and asked for Rogue's hand in marriage (which she accepted) and will lead into their own spinoff series, Mr. and Mrs. X.

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Last but not least, there is the Hunt For Wolverine miniseries finishing up their stories and culminating in the Return of Wolverine, as Logan steps back into the spotlight of the Marvel Universe after his passing in 2014's Death of Wolverine. Marvel will obviously make the announcement of Logan's new ongoing series a big deal, so there is always the chance the Fall 2018 comic is related to the Avenger and X-Men member.

For now, fans will have to wait a few more days before learning what Marvel Comics has in store for its X-Men family of titles.

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