Marvel's New Mutants Return in Dead Souls Miniseries

Ahead of the April debut of Fox's X-Men spinoff The New Mutants, Marvel Comics is bringing the team back together in a six-issue miniseries.

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Written by Matt Rosenberg and illustrated by Adam Gorham, New Mutants: Dead Souls delves into the supernatural, with each issue featuring a standalone story in which the group confronts "things that go bump in the night." Founding member Karma summons fellow New Mutants alum Magik, Wolfsbane, Rictor and Boom Boom, along with X-Factor veteran Strong Guy, but readers are left to wonder whether she has more in mind that protecting the innocent from the forces of darkness.


“They’re constantly in way over their heads, but always rise above,” Rosenberg said in a statement. “Our series takes all of that, collects some of the best New Mutants alongside oddballs better known for their time with X-Factor and X-Force, and throws them into a mission they aren’t at all ready for. We pack it full of nods to the history of the team and hints about their future, an enough creepy moments, epic battles, offbeat humor, and dysfunctional family dynamics to make a book worth of the title ‘New Mutants.'”

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The supernatural bent of the miniseries lines up with the horror approach to The New Mutants film. Directed by Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars), the X-Men spinoff transplants the young mutants from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters to an aging hospital where they're held against their will.


New Mutants: Dead Souls, by Matt Rosenberg and Adam Gorham, debuts in March from Marvel Comics. Fox's The New Mutants arrives in theaters April 13.

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