Marvel Comics: The 10 Most Powerful Olympians, Ranked

The Olympians are one of the many gods that populate the Marvel universe. They have been present in the comics for some time, with these Greek deities often allowing their conflicts to fall onto Earth. They are all mighty and incredibly powerful, although a little reckless.

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These gods have been introduced to the world mainly through Hercules, who is one of Earth's mightiest heroes. He's served on many different Avengers teams but that doesn't mean he is the most powerful Olympian. With so many others descended from Greek myth, we're ranking the top 10 Olympians in the Marvel universe.


The goddess of love has found herself but on the sides of light and dark, although she is a selfish individual who only cares about her own opportunities. She is usually carried away with whatever love she is interested in, but don't let that fool you.

Aphrodite can be a great manipulator, using her powers of charm and of course, love to sway even the strongest of wills. This can also be used for good though, with her powers becoming useful when comforting someone, or perhaps changing their mind for the greater good.


The son of Ares and the god of fear really is something to behold. Often portrayed as just a young boy, it took a while for his powers to fully form. The kid also struggled with his abilities at first and had to take time to fully understand what he is capable of.

However, once he had fully grasped his potential, Phobos is a threat to both friend and foe. The control he has over other people's fear is really extraordinary and if he keeps developing his gifts he will be higher on this list. He is also incredibly proficient in battle with a sword.


The god of the underworld has often overstepped his boundaries. There are many death gods in the Marvel universe, including Hela and they are usually evil, with villainous intent. Hades, or Pluto as he is sometimes known, is no different.

Hades is often vying for the various souls of key individuals, such as Asgardians like Odin. He, of course, has to contend with the many other hellish gods that are also trying to gain the upper hand. He has completely control of his Underworld and it is unwise to step into his domain.

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Athena is by far one of the most intelligent beings in all of the Marvel universe. The goddess of wisdom and battle has shown up many times to help turn the tide of war. She's tactical and all-knowing, with a wisdom that is genuinely not outmatched.

Her abilities put her higher on this list as in combat she is a force of nature. All of her skills have made her one of the most lethal warriors and it is rare that she is bested in battle. Athena sometimes only does what is favorable to her but she is a useful ally to have. There have been times where her powers have been increased for a storyline.


The god of war can slightly outmatch Athena in combat due to his sheer rage and unbelievable strength. Ares is a hothead though and can be tactically tripped up if he is not paying attention. He can use almost anything as a weapon through which makes him especially dangerous.

He has been heavily featured in Marvel comics in the past, even joining the Dark Avengers for a time. On the battlefield he has adopted many methods to hunt down and injure his victims, taking great joy in inflicting pain. He was however famously ripped in two by the Sentry which is why he isn't higher on the list.


Typhon is part of the very core of the Olympians as he is one of the original Titans that ruled over the Earth for so long. Much like the Greek myths and legends, Typhon rose up against the Olympians alongside his other Titans although he was eventually defeated.

He has been a reoccurring villain for quite some time but his power levels are off the charts. He is strong enough and capable enough to challenge Zeus for the throne although he has failed many times, at the hands of many different warriors.

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Hercules is a demi-god but a significant member of the Olympian family. He is one of Earth's strongest and best heroes with a list of impressive feats throughout his heroic career. He is immortal and super strong, but there is a humanity to him.

Of course, he never shies away from a battle, usually dropping in head first to any fight, with his golden mace at his side. Hercules could be set to make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon and it will be refreshing to see one of Marvel's most powerful Olympians.


The god of the sea is almost unmatched in his might and power. He has complete control over the Oceans across the Earth and is, therefore, a significant deity in the Olympus pantheon. He also has a very specific influence on the Marvel universe.

He is, of course, the main god that the Atlanteans worship, with Poseidon essentially becoming the patron of Atlantis and its people. If he ever wished to wage war on Earth he would have King Namor and his people to back him up, which is incredible power by itself.


The god of gods and the King of Olympus itself, Zeus has carved out quite a reputation for himself. He is, of course, the wielder of lightning and an almighty power unmatched by very few in the Marvel universe, except perhaps Odin.

Over his time in the comics, he has come across many threats and triumphed against them all. Much like so many other deities he can be selfish in his actions but has often protected Earth and especially his son Hercules.


The mother-goddess and the creator of Earth, Gaea is usually protected at all costs because of her power and ability to do good. She is one of the most unfathomably powerful creatures in all of the universe, with dominance over the Earth unlike any other.

She is so ancient and wise that she is entwined into all of reality. She is essentially part of the very fabric that makes up the Earth itself. She can bestow powers on others and has been responsible for processes such as evolution. She is also the mother of Thor in quite a strange twist.

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