10 Most Powerful Magical Artifacts In Marvel Comics

In the Marvel Universe, the fate of many battles and struggles throughout the multiverse comes down to powerful objects or weapons that have scattered across the universe. While the Infinity Gems have become synonymous with cosmic power, the world of magic has a special place in the universe for Marvel heroes and villains alike.

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Many items are used by either Doctor Strange or his mentor the Ancient One but the world of magic is vast, and so too are the items using that magic. With that in mind, here are the ten most powerful magical artifacts and/or weapons in Marvel Comics.

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10 Cloak Of Levitation

One of the first items on this list has to be the most iconic Doctor Strange item in the Marvel Universe (and now the MCU as well), Doctor Strange’s Cloak of Levitation. Often used as the hero’s cap often, the Cloak allows the user or owner to levitate off the ground and fly through the air.

Once possessed by the Ancient One, the Cloak is thought to be centuries old and was given to Doctor Strange in the comics after defeating Dormammu for the first time. It’s even grown to the size of a solar system to battle Adam Warlock himself.

9 Wands Of Watoomb

Otherwise known as the Wicked Wands of Watoomb, this powerful artifact is one of six wands from various dimensions that all have the same exact name. They are typically a foot long and made of a crystalline material into the shape of a baton, with demonic heads carved into the ends.

The power within these wands is said to be near-omnipotent, allowing the wielder to control its power using pure thought. Used for enhancing, multiplying, gathering and redirecting mystical energies, the weapons can open portals, heal the wielder, control the elements and unleash a powerful blast or a defensive barrier.

8 Dragonfang

Said to be made by a wizard named Kahji-Da who carved it from the tusk of an extra-dimensional dragon, the sword Dragonfang is one of the more powerful weapons in the magical world of Marvel Comics. Originally owned by the Ancient One and passed to Doctor Strange, Dragonfang was given to Valkyrie after the hero gave back the Ebony Blade to Dane Whitman, aka the Black Knight.

The weapon most recently appeared in the War of the Realms storyline, scattered across New York City and found by the evil and nefarious assassin Bullseye, until Jane Foster destroyed it.

7 The Crimson Gem Of Cyttorak

One of the most powerful mystical objects in the world gave birth to one of the X-Men’s greatest foes, the Juggernaut. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak was the totem used to house a piece of the essence of the magical being Cyttorak, part of a contest with other mystical beings to see who was the more powerful.

The wearer of the gem becomes the embodiment of Cyttorak, the Juggernaut. Cain Marko is the most well-known wielder of the gem, gaining fast speed and invincibility as well as strength, and the wielder requires no food or air to survive.

6 The Casket Of Ancient Winters

What makes the realm and people of Asgard as powerful and ancient as they are is not only their use of science but blending it with the forces of magic as well. Many powerful magical artifacts stem from the world of Thor and Asgard, including the powerful Casket of Ancient Winters.

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The artifact contains within it the Fimbulwinter of Ymir, allowing the wielder to create massive snowstorms. It also contains the killing power of a thousand winters and was used most notably by Surtur on Earth, as well as by the evil villain Malekith the Accursed to wage war on Asgard.

5 Ebony Blade

One weapon that will be used and shown soon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the weapon of the Black Knight, Dane Whitman. The Ebony Blade is a sword made from a fallen meteorite and enchanted by the ancient wizard Merlin. Given a blood curse from the original Black Knight’s use in battle, Dane and others have struggled to control the nearly indestructible blade’s influence.

It has proven to be so powerful it can cut through almost any material in the universe. It can also deflect mystical energy blasts, cut through mystical barriers and even absorb all forms of energy.

4 Black Vortex

One weapon that is both cosmic and magic in origin has to be the Black Vortex. A device created over 12 billion years before the majority of the stories of the Marvel Comics universe, it was created by the Celestial Godhead to help further the potential of the Viscardi at the behest of Gara.

The artifact allows the wielder to see into a mirror the potential they have if the full power of the cosmic universe were to be bestowed, and if the user utters the magic words “I submit to the Black Vortex”, they become powerful yet corrupt beings.

3 Mjolnir

One of the most famous magical based weapons in the Marvel Universe and the MCU as well has to be Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor himself (or herself). An enchanted weapon created by Odin using Uru metal that houses the all-powerful God Tempest storm, trapped there by Odin millennia ago when it threatened Asgard.

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The wielder gains the ability to channel the power of the God Tempest through the hammer, which can only be wielded by those deemed worthy of the weapon, as enchanted by Odin. It has been wielded by Thor Odinson, Jane Foster, and even Captain America.

2 Eye of Agamotto

One of the most powerful objects in Doctor Strange’s arsenal of weapons and artifacts has to be the Eye of Agamotto. A weapon said to house the power of the being Agamotto himself, one of the three Vishanti of Doctor Strange, the Eye is seen as an amulet worn by Strange often.

The weapon allows Strange or its wielder to radiate a powerful mystical light. A weapon of wisdom, this light allows Strange to see through illusions and disguises, as well as see past events, track ethereal or corporeal beings by psychic emissions, and weaken dark entities like demons also.

1 The Darkhold

Also known as the Book of Sins, the Darkhold is a powerful grimoire used in the practice of dark magic. The original author of the book was the elder god Chthon, who was Earth’s first practitioner of dark magic. It contains all of Chthon’s knowledge in the use of black magic and survived the slaying of the majority of the elder gods except for Chthon and Set.

So powerful that both Merlin and St. Brendan could only contain it and not destroy it, Mordred attempted to use it to battle Merlin. It created the first vampire Varnae and augmented Carnage.

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