Marvel's Infinity Wars Event Will Have Major Ramifications, Donny Cates Promises

Ghost Rider and Death of the Inhumans writer Donny Cates made a statement regarding Marvel Comics' upcoming Infinity Wars event at the publisher's Next Big Thing panel Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Despite not writing the series, Cates promised the event will have definitive ramifications for the Marvel Universe in its aftermath.

The series, written by Gerry Duggan and illustrated by Mike Deodato Jr. and Frank Martin, is Marvel's next crossover event. "Gerry’s intention for this story will be immediately apparent,” Cates said. “It’s been extremely shrouded for right now and there’s good reason for that. We don’t lightly call a book 'Infinity Wars.' This is a big, big event. So far as ramifications are concerned, hang on." Even though Duggan nor Deodato appeared on the panel, Marvel appears to have another must-read event planned for readers this fall.

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The event kicks off with Infinity Wars Prime #1, and Cates went on to say readers won't have to wait until the main storyline for surprises, calling the issue "game changing." The series features Marvel's newest character Requiem, and promises the death of a major Marvel character.

Infinity Wars Prime #1 goes on sale July 25. The series officially begins in Infinity Wars #1, on sale August 1.

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