Marvel Legacy: Where Are The Infinity Stones?

Next summer, the Infinity Stones will make a splash on the big screen in Marvel studios' Avengers: Infinity War. Marvel Comics, who is not one to shy away from a bit of corporate synergy, is also in the midst of bringing the Stones back to the forefront of its comic book universe in a very big way. To what end, we don't yet know, but these powerful cosmic weapons are popping at an alarming rate in the Marvel Universe, and that can't bode well for the future -- especially with a new Infinity-related event on the horizon that seems to be centered around Wolverine, Captain Marvel and Star-Lord.

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In the wake of 2015's Secret Wars, by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, the entire Marvel multiverse was destroyed, re-shaped and reborn, the entirety of reality made new again. As a side effect of this cosmic shake-up, the Infinity Stones disappeared. Now, as Marvel Comics heads further into its Legacy era, the Stones have begun to appear, one by one, in the most unusual of places -- and some in very curious company. Here, CBR runs down everything we know so far about the current locations of the Infinity Stones, both known and unknown.

The Space Stone

The first Infinity Stone to reappear was the blue Space Stone, popping up in the pages of the massive Marvel Legacy #1 one-shot by Jason Aaron and Marvel's biggest artists like Jim Cheung, Esad Ribic and Chris Samnee. Longtime comic book readers might recall that the blue Stone wasn't previously associated with controlling, over Space, but another facet of creation: Time. This is more than likely a bid to align the colors of the Infinity Stones with that of the movies, and would be easily explained by the multiversal re-shaping that occurred in Secret Wars.


The most surprising aspect of the return of the Space Stone came in the identity of the man who is currently wielding it: a very much back-from-the-dead Wolverine. We don't yet know how he came to find out about the Stone, or what he plans to do with it, but it does appear that Logan has a very important role to play in the events to come. Now, with the Space Stone in his grasp, Wolverine can appear literally anywhere, from one side of the Marvel Universe to the other.

The Power Stone

The purple Power Stone resurfaced in the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy #147, by Gerry Duggan and Marcus To, where it was discovered by Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord and Rich Rider, aka Nova, while the two were on a mission on behalf of the Nova Corps. Although they originally expected to fight some rogue Novas on a small planet called Xiutang, the duo quickly found out that these officers were actually hiding something incredibly powerful, and incredibly big: the Power Stone, which is as big and tall as a building.


This revelation was shocking because until this point, the Infinity Stones were always known to be the size of a gem, something that could be held in the palm of one's hand. This is an unprecedented turn of events for an Infinity Stone, and it may prove to be difficult to handle. Regarding the subject, writer Gerry Duggan himself has said, "The Power Stone is uncompressed information right now, and whether or not it could be compressed into something more manageable, is something we’ll have to wait and see."

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