How a Fruit Pie Loving Villain Made His Way Into the Marvel Universe!

During Fear Itself, the whole world was affected by, well, fear. There was a really good Speedball story in Fear Itself: The Home Front by Christos Gage, Mike Mayhew and Rain Beredo where it saw Speedball return to Connecticut (home of his worst tragedy) and rise above the pain of his past to stop some bad guys in issue #2, including Icemaster!

Gage even included a fruit pies joke!

Gage then had the kids of the Avengers Academy take the villains out in Avengers Academy #20 (by Gage, Tom Raney and Scott Hanna)...

Gage then used Icemaster in the final issue of X-Men Legacy (art by David Baldeon and Jordi Tarragona) in a prison break that Rogue and Mimic showed up to put down...

Icemaster also showed up in the final issue of James Asmus' Gambit series (#17, art by Clay Mann, Jay Leisten, Ed Tadeo and Rachelle Rosenberg)...

Not a bad turn out for a character who was never meant to do anything but sell fruit pies!

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