Marvel Releases First Generations Synopsis


When Marvel Comics first teased "Generations," all we knew was that it would involve a number of the publisher's growing cast of legacy characters, and it featured some really nice Alex Ross artwork. Whether it was an ongoing comic, a miniseries, or an upcoming line wide publishing initiative remained a mystery. Now, thanks to a new listing on Amazon, the curtain has been drawn back on the project, if only a little.

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Once upon a time, a skinny kid from New York City picked up a shield and charged into battle... a prodigal son lifted a sacred hammer and proved himself worthy... and an arrogant genius forged an armor that would harness his true potential. And together, they became Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Today, that heroic legacy lives on in the next generation of heroes - and it will be put to the test as the Marvel Universe's greatest champions unite and charge headlong into tomorrow!

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The synopsis -- which CBR has confirmed with Marvel is official -- doesn't reveal much, if anything, about "Generations" plot, but it does appear to confirm that we're looking for a new series or event to arrive in the summer rather than a Marvel NOW-style publishing initiative. It's also a good bet that we should expect a miniseries rather than a one-shot or ongoing title; the hardcover collection's description doesn't mention a specific volume number, indicating it's a one-and-done release. Nor does the text reveal a creative team for the series, leaving us wondering who, exactly, is behind the project.

The use of the word "champions" in the description, along with a specific reference to the origins of several Avengers combined with the lineup illustrated by Ross might indicate that this is a team-up storyline featuring the Avengers and new teen team the Champions. But again, that's reading tea leaves and doesn't account for characters like Jean Grey/Phoenix, or the two Wolverines who are pictured in the original teaser.

Answers to the remaining questions are likely coming soon, possibly within the next few weeks when Marvel Comics May 2017 solicitations are slated to arrive. Until then, we'll continue to speculate -- and admire Alex Ross' art.

Alex Ross' teaser art for Marvel Comics' summer debuting "Generations"

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