Marvel Comics Unveils First Look at Doc Justice and the J-Team's Roster

Marvel Comics has released a first look at the mysterious new team of superheroes to join the Marvel Universe.

The publisher posted a video interview with editor Nick Lowe to its official Twitter account, revealing the cast of Doc Justice and the J-Team. The artwork appears to be from Kris Anka and his longtime collaborator Matthew Wilson, and shows the heroes billed as "the next great super hero team." The roster has seven characters, all with varying looks and potential powersets.

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Lowe compares the J-Team to fan-favorite superhero teams like the Avengers, Defenders, Thunderbolts and X-Men. "In the 17 years I've been editing comics, I love ushering in new characters," Lowe said. "But I've never been so excited about a new team. The J-Team is going to change part of the Marvel Universe forever. I know we say that a lot, but it's true."

At first glance, Doc Justice and the J-Team immediately gives off similar vibes to the Thunderbolts, who were secretly a group of supervillains disguised as heroes. One youthful hero to the left of Doc Justice could possibly be a Kid Justice sidekick (ala Batman and Robin, perhaps), and with a flying super-woman, draws comparisons to DC's Justice League.

Marvel promises to reveal more about Doc Justice and the J-Team in upcoming comics.

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Doc Justice and the J-Team will arrive in 2019.

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