Marvel Comics Announces 'The Next Great Super Hero Team'

A new super team is headed to the Marvel Universe.

Across social media, Marvel Entertainment heralded the rise of "the next great Super Hero team": Doc Justice and the J-Team. However, aside from a graphic that ranks this new team alongside the Avengers and the Defenders, no further information about the group has been revealed.

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The teaser image indicates Doc Justice and the J-Team will arrive in 2019. As we head into the back half of the calendar year, with only four and a half months left, that means more information should be available soon. At the time of writing, though, it is unclear if Doc Justice and the J-Team will lead their own title, launch an event or make a guest appearance in another book.

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Notably, Doc Justice and the J-Team are compared to the Avengers, the Defenders and the Thunderbolts, leaving out Marvel's two other major teams: the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. However, this may provide some key insight into who or what this team is. The Avengers, the Defenders and the Thunderbolts are made up of disparate individuals brought together by a cause or mission, where the X-Men are a people united in their fight for survival and the Fantastic Four are a family. As such, it seems Doc Justice and his J-Team could stem from a specific event rather than a state of being.

Doc Justice and the J-Team will arrive in 2019.

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