Marvel Will Rewrite Dark Phoenix, Avengers History in March

Marvel Comics today released a pair of teasers revealing that it will be altering two more pieces of Marvel Universe history, including the identity of the person who saved Jean Grey from the Dark Phoenix, as well as who found a frozen Captain America before the Avengers.

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The revisionist teasers are just the latest released by Marvel Comics, all of which propose alternative endings to well-trod, often historic Marvel storyines. Other teasers include a reboot of who gave the Fantastic Four their powers, as well as who brought Spider-Man back after the events of "Spider-Man No More."

The teaser includes the tagline, "Marvel history is destroyed" and points to a March 19 launch date. The date would appear to line up with Marvel's annual summer event, making it likely the various teasers will culminate in a larger event that will rewrite certain parts of Marvel Universe lore.

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The event itself does not yet have a name or a creative team attached just yet, but the dates given, coupled with the importance of the Marvel storylines referenced, make it clear it will be a significant event in the publisher's history.

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