Marvel Cancels Iceman, Luke Cage Ongoing Series


In the wake of last night's news that Marvel Comics has canceled The Unbelievable Gwenpool, Generation X and Hawkeye comes confirmation that Luke Cage will publish its final issues in February 2018, while Iceman concludes in March.

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Writer Sina Grace confirmed the cancelation of Iceman via social media, posting a photo of handwritten letter explaining the situation. In it, Grace thanks Marvel for the opportunity its to wrap his story up the way he wanted, saying the publisher did all it could to ensure the series gets a proper finale. "[T]he ending planned feels so good," he promised. "I've known is since issue one."

Luke Cage writer David Walker confirmed his series' cancelation on Twitter as well, in response to a fan's question about the series' status. Like Grace, Walker's tone appears to be one of melancholy satisfaction; he's obviously unhappy at the series' fate, but promises fans the final issue is the title's best.

Several of the comics recently canceled or with unclear futures represent Marvel’s recent push towards greater diversity in their characters, with each of them starring female, Black and/or queer characters.

The series currently confirmed as canceled were among Marvel’s lower-selling titles as of November 2017’s direct sales charts, All of the above series were part of Marvel’s ongoing Marvel Legacy publishing initiative, meant to be a return to a more classic Marvel feel following the controversial Secret Empire event. Keep reading CBR for the latest on these titles.

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