Every Major Comic Cancelled By Marvel In 2018

Building off the success of the MCU’s popularity, Marvel launched “Marvel Legacy” in June of 2017. The campaign was a massive push to increase comic sales, and it introduced a wide variety of new characters while also reimagining classic heroes and villains. Marvel Legacy was a huge undertaking and took some bold new steps, trying to usher in a new era of Marvel comics.

Unfortunately, not all of these bold new steps paid off, and in 2018 we saw some major names heading to the chopping block. For many of these titles, it was their time to go, but some of the canceled comics had lots of potential; it will be a shame to have their runs come to an end.

10. X-Men Blue And Gold

X-Men: Mojo Worldwide

Starting in 2017, X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold were both comics that explored the origin of the team of mutants. X-Men Blue took the original cast of the X-Men and brought them to modern day. It was an interesting concept, and seeing the original team together again was a huge play on nostalgia.

While X-Men Blue brought back the original team of X-Men, Gold explored many of the classic storylines from X-Men history, particularly those from Chris Claremont. Another major storyline was the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus, which was spoiled by Marvel.

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9. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones

The final issue of Jessica Jones wasn’t just any other cancellation. It was the last issue that Brian Michael Bendis worked on before heading to DC with an exclusive contract. Fans of Marvel comics will recognize Bendis as a huge influence, with his work leading the resurgence in Marvel comics for quite some time. Bendis used the final issue as a farewell of sorts and included some of his favorite characters in the comic. Not only was it a shame to see Jessica Jones canceled, but it was a shame to see Bendis leave Marvel comics.

8. Vision

The sequel to the crazy popular original run was highly anticipated and was set to be written by Chelsea Cain and Marc Mohan. Fans were disappointed to see the sequel canceled due to the positive reception of the original run. Vision was an incredibly original and unique take on the character, setting Vision living a mundane life with a wife and children.

The comic was most likely canceled due to issues with continuity, as Vision was appearing in other comics at the time. Regardless of the reasoning behind the move, Vision was an original idea that would have been great to see more of.

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7. Cable

Even though Cable got his first appearance in a movie quite recently with Deadpool 2, the comic run is coming to an end. Cable was an interesting run that focused on the techno-organic virus that eats away at Cable’s body. The series took the idea and ran with it, giving more life to Cable’s backstory.

Though it’s the end of the comic run, the creator Zac Thompson has stated that he would like to work on another Cable comic in the future. So fans shouldn’t give up hope, we may be seeing more of this time traveling mutant in the future.

6. Iceman

Though Iceman was canceled after only 11 issues, that is still a pretty decent run for a solo X-Men title. Iceman was an interesting series, and gave the titular character the spotlight that he deserved. Bobby Drake was a compelling character, and one of Marvel’s first openly homosexual superheroes. Though the run was canceled due to a lack of popularity, it is certainly sad that an openly gay character couldn’t continue on with his own series.

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5. Hawkeye

This Hawkeye comic followed Kate Bishop, the first female archer to take the role. The series was an interesting look into the character, and she proved herself to be quite capable of taking on the mantle of Hawkeye. An interesting art style and compelling storylines gave this comic a lot to love, but it was brought to a close after 16 issues.

4. Jean Grey

Jean Grey Uncanny X-men Disassembled

Though Jean Grey will be taking a major role in the next X-Men film, the comic ended in 2018. Jean Grey was a strange series and saw some interesting developments through its run. Though the comic ended, fans were still able to follow Jean in the comic X-Men Red all the way through 2018, and there will surely be more of the mutant in upcoming books.

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3. She-Hulk


Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) is another major Marvel name to find their comic canceled in 2018. Walters is the cousin of Bruce Banner who found herself transformed due to a blood transfusion with the original Incredible Hulk. She-Hulk was her own solo comic and though it is coming to a close, the green-skinned heroine enjoyed a good run with 163 issues. It is likely that she will return in the future.

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2. Luke Cage

The man with unbreakable skin has faced some hardships lately. His comic run was canceled in 2018 and then his Netflix show was also scrapped later that year. The comic was canceled due to low numbers, and Luke Cage wasn’t the only Marvel property to find itself on the chopping block at Netflix. Though Luke Cage is without a show or comic for himself currently, he will almost certainly be returning soon to the comics, though the future of the show is another matter.

1. The Unbelievable Gwenpool

One of the more devastating cancellations, The Unbelievable Gwenpool, joined the long list of comics to be axed in early 2018. The comic was incredibly original, taking Deadpool’s wacky nature even a step further. There were many fans of the run, and the fourth wall breaks as the series drew to a close. It was heartbreaking seeing Gwenpool see her end coming. The comic was original and funny, and though it was cancelled due to low sales, it had a dedicated following.

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