Comic Legends: Which Marvel Rival Was the ORIGINAL 'Brand Echh'?

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A rival comic book company tried to make their superhero comics look like they were Marvel Comics.


Basically True,

Earlier today, I did an article about the history of Marvel's rivalry with their biggest competitor, DC Comics. I pointed out how Stan Lee went from being very defensive of anyone who knocked a rival for him becoming a major smack-talker of his rivals. You'll notice two of his earliest Bullpen's Bullets where he talks about the other companies specifically mention companies copying him...

Despite his long history of Marvel/DC rivalry, it WASN'T DC that Lee was initially talking about in the column. You see, There was a burst in comic sales in 1966 after Batman the TV series, but one company had already begun copying Marvel before that. Archie's superhero comics looked sort of like this before 1965, "Archie Adventure"...

But then they hired Jerry (co-creator of Superman!) Siegel and former Marvel artist, Paul Reinman, to create a new group of comic books called The Mighty Comics Group, which blatantly copied the cover styles of Marvel Comics of the era!

But look, they also even copied the CREATOR CREDITS OF MARVEL!

Now you know why Lee was so pissed off!

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