Wong debuted in the very same issue as Doctor Strange, “Strange Tales” #110 (1963), however, his name wasn’t revealed until “Strange Tales” #147 (1966). He was brought into existence by titans of the industry Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The story goes that he was from a lineage of those

that protect and serve the Sorcerer Supreme, which for the last ten generations has been The Ancient One.

He has trained in the mystic and martial arts of Kamar-Taj his whole life to protect the Sorcerer Supreme. When the title passed to Strange, Wong followed him back to New York to fulfill his duty. He has fought at Stephen’s side countless times but has also fought off serious threats like The Hood all by his lonesome. In the “Dr. Strange: Season One” graphic novel (2012) he was shown to be able to physically strike spectral entities and even wield powerful mystical artifacts that corrupt most.

Colleen Wing

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