Marvel Comics announces winning writers for New Talent Search

In June Marvel Comics announced plans for a "New Talent Search" where comic fans from around the world could participate in a contest to land the coveted job of writer or artist of an upcoming Marvel comic book. The winning artist of the first New Talent search was previously announced and on Wednesday Marvel announced the name of the winning writer, err, writers.

According to Marvel's Your Man @ Marvel Column the official winner of the New Talent Search is Jose Armenta. Armenta submitted a one page pitch for an 8 page Thor story, per the requirements of the contest. But Marvel didn't stop there. Series editor Tom Breevort was impressed by another story submitted to Marvel by Marlan Harris, but it didn't follow the guidelines as outlined in the contest rules. Marlan submitted a fully-scripted plot. Rather than punish him for not following the rules (we all like rule breakers don't we?) Breevort purchased the story which will see print at a later date.

"At first it was horrifying! I get an e-mail from Tom Brevoort, and for the first few seconds I just stared at it with disbelief," Armenta told YM@M when he found out he won the contest. "I honestly thought someone was playing a cruel prank on me. It just said basically he wanted to talk to me, and left a phone number. I waited a half hour to compose myself. (I was having trouble breathing.) Then I called him. He told me the good news. I calmly told him that I was honored, and I thanked him many times for choosing me, and we said goodbye. I set down the phone, and for the next hour, I was screaming, and jumping up and down like an idiot. Yes, I was very ecstatic."

A full interview with Armenta can be found on the Marvel Web site at the above link.

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