Marvel Comics Announces New Fantastic Four Series

Not a dream! Not a hoax! not an imaginary story! Marvel Comics has announced the long-anticipated return of the Fantastic Four!

Marvel's First Family, who hasn't been together since Secret Wars blew up and then rebuilt the Marvel Universe in 2016, will come together again in August. The creative team of Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli will be responsible for reuniting Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman with the Thing and Human Torch.

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Today's announcement was first teased on Marvel's Twitter feed yesterday, with a cryptic image that promised a big announcement for noon today. This morning, the publisher began tweeting a series of images, the first of which actually appeared to be teasing a 'Fresh Start' Uncanny X-Men reboot.

However, an hour later a second image was tweeted out by Marvel, this time with a Spider-Man theme that prominently features the number 2, followed an hour later by the number "3." The first tweet invoked the adjective "Uncanny," the second "Amazing" and the third "Mighty," a series of adjectives leading to the inevitable "Fantastic" signaling the classic team's return.

The announcement was made by Marvel's Editor in Chief C.B. Cebulski in the following video message.

Of course, Marvel has been planting seeds for the FF's return for months. Last year's massive Marvel Legacy one-shot featured the return of Franklin and Valeria Richards in a short post-credits scene that all but guaranteed the team's reunion in 2018. And the very first issues of Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung's Marvel 2-In-One series basically began paving the way for the Thing and Human Torch to bring Reed and Sue Richards back to the Marvel Universe-proper. The latest issue of the series, illustrated by new artist Valeria Schiti, even featured the debut of new uniforms for the team.

Another indication that Marvel had a new Fantastic Four series in the works came from the publisher's own solicitations for May and June, which featured a number of Fantastic Four related collections. In May alone, Marvel will release a pair of FF omnibuses, while June sees a new Epic Collection featuring the team.

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