Marvel Comics #1000 Variant Changing After Accidentally Using DC Art

Marvel Comics will change a collage variant cover for Marvel Comics #1000 after art from rival DC Comics was accidentally included.

According to Newsarama, Marvel has confirmed the change. Twitter user KaleeshArbiter first pointed out that the collage variant cover for Marvel #1000 from Mr. Garcin used art from Earth 2 #2. The image shows Alan Scott -- that world's Green Lantern -- kissing his partner. Artist Nicola Scott reacted, saying, "Um, that’s my gay kiss art. I’m getting a cheque, right?"

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Mr. Garcin responded to the original post, saying, "I usually use comics for my collages, but a few times (5%), I get pictures on the internet. Unfortunately, my mistake comes from here! (sorry, my English is bad)."

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Written by James Robinson and pencilled by Scott, Earth 2 #2 released in 2012. The book was part of DC's New 52 initiative, which saw the publisher relaunching and renumbering most of its titles.

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Marvel Comics #1000 will start from 1939 and work its way to the present day, with each page correlating to one year in Marvel's history.  The story will include 80 stories from 80 different creative teams. Along with celebrity contributors are also names from Marvel's storied past -- George Perez, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Kurt Busiek, Walter Simonson and more.

Marvel Comics #1000 goes on sale in August from Marvel Comics.

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