Marvel Comics #1000 Trailer Debuts Art by Ross, Lim, Larsen & More

Tomorrow marks the release of Marvel Comics #1000 and to celebrate, Marvel has released a launch trailer featuring Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, Executive Editor Tom Breevort and writer Al Ewing, as well as new art from Alex Ross, Ron Lim and Erik Larsen.

"What could we do to get every character and the most brilliant creators into one back and that's where we came up with the idea for Marvel Comics #1000," Cebulski said. "Marvel Comics a thousand is a huge, square-bound, enormous comic book, it's the celebration of 80 years of Marvel publishing and so each page in the book corresponds in some way, shape or form to something that was going on in the world of publishing in that year," Breevort added.

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"There is a spine story, a throughline that runs for the entire issue that was written and built by Al Ewing and all I can say is it starts in Marvel Comics #1 from 1939, the first panel in the book is the first panel for Marvel Comics #1, but the story goes from there in many different ways as Al weaves us through eight decades of Marvel characters and Marvel history," Cebulski continued. Meanwhile, panels from the book are highlighted, including Ross' Hulk, Lim's Thanos and Avengers and Larsen's Thing, Venom and Spider-Man.

Marvel Comics #1 is written and drawn by a myriad of creators, and the oversized issue goes on sale tomorrow from Marvel Comics.

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