10 Villains Everyone Forgets About In Marvel Comics (And Shouldn’t)

As the years go on and the film and television industry begins to make more and more projects based on comic books, both heroes and villains of the comic book world are getting their chance to shine in the spotlight. This has been the most prevalent in the MCU.

However, most of the films have tended to focus on more well-known villains that most fans know of. In the world of comics, there are several villains that either have one-off storylines or appear sporadically but are powerful foes. Here are Marvel’s ten best villains fans often forget about.

10 Tiger Shark

One villain that fans should definitely know of is none other than Tiger Shark. The former Olympic swimmer Todd Arliss injured his spinal cord after attempting to save a man from drowning in an effort to get more publicity for himself. When he finds himself desperate to regain his ability to swim, he allows Doctor Dorcas to “cure” him.

Combining Namor’s DNA and the DNA of a tiger shark, Todd is transformed into the villain, complete with razor-sharp teeth and gills. He not only becomes one of Namor’s enemies but battles the Avengers alongside the Masters of Evil constantly.

9 Sin

One of the more dangerous villains of the Marvel Universe who has been a major driving force for one of Marvel’s most talked about crossover events in recent years has to be Sin. Also known as Sinthea Schmidt, the daughter of the Red Skull, she was indoctrinated from a young age and as a child put through a process to accelerate her aging until she was a young adult woman.

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With psionic powers and loyal to her father’s cause, she was responsible for the event Fear Itself, releasing the Serpent, aka Cul-Borson, from his prison and nearly destroying Earth.


One villain who is poised to become a household name thanks to the upcoming slate of shows for Marvel and Hulu is none other than MODOK.

MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing), is a villain created by the evil organization A.I.M. (Advanced Idea Mechanics). The original MODOK was a scientist named George Tarleton who joined A.I.M. and underwent a procedure using advanced mutagenics to create MODOK, in hopes of studying the Cosmic Cube. However, he turned against his creators and became a villain. He is set to appear on Hulu in an animated Marvel show.

7 Korvac

One of the most unique villains to ever face the Marvel heroes has to be Korvac. Originally a normal human named Michael Korvac, he hails from Earth-691 and was a computer technician until the Badoon came to conquer Earth. Betraying humanity and joining the Badoon, he was soon grafted onto a machine that can harness and replicate energy around him.

Eventually, Korvac arrives in the 616 universe and steals the power cosmic from Galactus and his station. Making a perfect copy of himself, he harnesses that power to hide on Earth during the Korvac Saga, eventually fighting the Avengers.

6 The Hood

A powerful street-level criminal mastermind that everyone should remember, has to be The Hood, aka Parker Robbins. One of the competing criminals who hopes to become the Kingpin of Crime in New York, Robbins has used various powerful artifacts to attain power in the Marvel Universe.

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Not only has he wielded the Infinity Stones at various times individually, but has been given the Norn stones by Loki and has been possessed by the all-powerful Dormammu as well. He is a major player in the Marvel criminal world and is rumored to be appearing in Hawkeye’s show.

5 Magus

One of the most complicated villains that fans of any Marvel comic should be familiar with has to be The Magus. What is unique about this villain is that he is the dark half of the cosmic being and hero Adam Warlock.

Originally an evil version of Warlock from the future, Adam eventually dispelled both good and evil from his soul but gave evil a form that became Magus. Magus would eventually be defeated and trapped in the Soul Gem. More recently, Magus participated in the Infinity Wars storyline and was utterly defeated and destroyed by the mad Ultron/Pym.

4 Vulcan

One villain that could be a unique addition to the MCU with the introduction of the X-Men has to be Vulcan. The third Summers child of the space pirate Corsair, he was born in an incubator after his mother was slain by the Shi’ar Empire during an attempted escape by Corsair.

Originally joining a new team of X-Men on Earth, he was thought lost during an attempt to rescue his brother Scott on Krakoa. However, he returned after M-Day, enraged and bent on revenge. He soon fought to take over the Shi’ar, and eventually became their Emperor.

3 Proteus

One villain that is rarely ever mentioned in Marvel comics that is ironically described as being one of the most powerful and threatening mutants in the universe is none other than Proteus. The son of Scottish geneticist and popular X-Men ally Moira MacTaggert, he spent much of his life on Muir Island, secluded and in hiding from an abusive father he never knew.

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Born with reality-altering and possession powers, he tends to crave energy around him, and eventually, he was kept in a cell to protect himself and others, gaining the name Mutant X. He eventually escaped imprisonment.

2 High Evolutionary

One villain that fans should definitely pay attention to is the High Evolutionary. Originally a scientist and geneticist from England in the 1930s named Herbert Edgar Wyndham, he became obsessed with genetics and began experimentation on evolving animals. Eventually, his experimentation would result in the creation of New Men, local animals near his home that were half-animal, half-human after his interference.

Eventually, his experiments led to him evolving himself, becoming a god-like being. A complex villain who struggles with morality, his journey has taken him into the stars and battled heroes and villains alike for years.

1 The Void

One of the most dangerous villains to ever emerge in Marvel Comics and one of the most complex has to be The Void. Like Magus, the Void is a dark personality residing within Robert Reynolds, aka The Sentry. A manifestation of Robert’s darker half of his personality, Robert erased himself from the memory of the Marvel Universe in order to protect the world from The Void.

Eventually throughout the years after many struggles between Robert and The Void, Doctor Strange managed to remove the Void from Robert and trapped in the Sanctum Sanctorum, making his MCU debut a necessity.

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