10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In A Marvel Movie

Namor the Sub-Mariner

When Avengers: Endgame concludes, everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will change. The men who led the way for the first 20 movies will be gone, with Iron Man and Captain America departing and both Thor and Hulk possibly winding down as well. There are a number of characters that are set to take over, from Doctor Strange and Black Panther to Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, but there is room for a lot more.

There are rumors of the arrival of Kate Bishop's Hawkeye, the space-faring Eternals and Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. The X-Men and Fantastic Four are also waiting in the batter's box, ready to tag in and take over. However, there are also a number of other major Marvel heroes that likely won't be along for the ride.

Here is a look at 10 characters who will never appear in a Marvel movie, barring a miracle.

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10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

The Incredible Hulk has been in a number of Marvel movies but hasn't had a solo outing since the very second one -- The Incredible Hulk. See, when that movie came out, Marvel was still co-producing movies early in the MCU and Mark Ruffalo made it clear that Universal is not a very accommodating partner.

As a result, Marvel has refused to give in to Universal's demands and even adapted Planet Hulk into Thor: Ragnarok to keep from having to get back into bed with the studio. That is a big reason that She-Hulk won't be joining the MCU anytime soon since her rights are also tied up with Universal.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

Hercules is an interesting proposition for a movie, but at the moment there are not any plans to bring the hero into the MCU. If they did, it could cause some problems. For one thing, the MCU already showed that the Norse Gods are their flavors of choice and that Asgardians are aliens rather than Gods.

It might be confusing for a Greek demigod to show up in Hercules and the best place for that to happen could have been in a Thor movie. However, with Norse gods being aliens, it wouldn't make sense to bring in a Greek god as well. It could work, but with the way Asgard was developed, it isn't likely to happen.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

Marvel Studios had said that a number of heroes would possibly get low budget movies back in 2010, including Doctor Strange, Ka-Zar, Luke Cage, Dazzler and Power Pack. With a Doctor Strange big budget movie and a Luke Cage Netflix series, two of those five have made it to the big or small screen.

However, the other three are still missing in action. Now, with that said, the original smaller budgeted movies that Marvel had promised in 2010 seems to have gone to television, with the Netflix series as perfect examples. Ka-Zar is not a hero that will really work as a big budget movie for the MCU, but don't count out a Disney+ series as a possibility.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

Iron Fist was one of the street level heroes that received a Netflix original series. A lot of people disliked the first season -- some because it was of a lesser quality than the other shows and others because they felt that the character was problematic, with many upset that he wasn't Asian.

With Marvel scheduling a Shang-Chi movie -- the character that people wanted Iron Fist to look like on Netflix -- there is really no way that they will bring Danny Rand to the big screen. The reception for the character was low on TV and would be a huge risk for his own movie.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

Joe Quesada continues to tease people that we might one day see Namor, The Sub Mariner in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. The problem here is that Namor is not under the Marvel umbrella in Hollywood. Honestly, the best place to introduce him is in a Fantastic Four movie or alongside Doctor Strange as part of the Illuminati.

However, just like The She-Hulk, Universal holds the rights to Namor when it comes to distribution. They have even tried to make a movie many times based on the underwater hero but never got very far. Names like Ghost Rider and Punisher reverted to Marvel after a number of years, so one wonders if Namor will ever return.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

Starfox is a character that has no chance at all of ever appearing in a Marvel movie. There is too much baggage when it comes to the hero and even if they drastically changed him, they would still have to answer questions about his comic book history. He really might be the worst Avenger ever.

For one thing, Starfox in the comics is the brother of Thanos and was the good seed to Thanos' bad seed. Since Thanos has never mentioned a brother, Marvel is likely avoiding the controversial hero. See, the powers of Starfox including psychically manipulating the emotions of others and he usually used that to get any woman he wanted. That will never fly in a Marvel movie -- especially not for a hero.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

There is really no sadness in realizing that Marvel has already used Kilgrave in possibly the best way possible and did it on the small screen in the Jessica Jones Netflix series. However, even if Jessica Jones and Luke Cage make their way to the big time in the MCU movies, there is no way that Kilgrave will ever come back.

Marvel keeps its continuity in order, making them much less confusing than, say, The X-Men. That means that Kilgrave died on the TV show and he won't be back for a movie appearance in the future. At least Marvel fans got a season-plus of the wonderful David Tennant before the villain perished.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

The MCU has done some amazing things. They took a giant living planet and somehow put him into a movie and made him look suspiciously like a cleaned up Snake Plissken. They introduced Korg and Miek, and while they were comic fodder, they looked pretty cool anyway.

Marvel even somehow brought in Arnim Zola and made him work by placing him in a computer to simulate his face from the comics. However, there is no way that the MCU can ever pull off putting MODOK into a movie and not having the audience laugh him off the screen. However, at the least, Marvel fans will always have the perfect version of MODOK from the cartoon Super Hero Squad.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

There are a number of reasons that Moondragon will never appear in a Marvel movie. At the end of the day, the biggest reason that the bald and arrogant supervillain/antihero will never make it to the big screen is that she can't exist in that world. See, in the comics, she was the daughter of Drax the Destroyer.

In the comics, Drax was an Earthling named Arthur Douglas who unfortunately saw Thanos while driving through the desert so the villain destroyed the car. Moondragon was thrown to safety but her parents died and her father's spirit ended up bound in the body of Drax the Destroyer. Thanos' dad then found Heather and raised her on Titan. None of this happened in the movie world, so Moondragon never existed.


10 Characters Who Will Never Appear In a Marvel Movie

When Marvel took on Spider-Man from Sony in a joint venture, it seemed like they would soon get the entire spider-verse. However, something strange happened after Marvel struck gold with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Sony wanted to keep playing in the sandbox and released a Venom movie separate from Marvel.

Venom made over $850 million worldwide and over $213 million domestically. It ranks 10th all-time for Marvel Comics movies worldwide and the only non-MCU movie that made more was Spider-Man 3. It made more than Thor: Ragnarok. At the end of the day, Venom was a monster success without Marvel and Sony has no reason to share him with the MCU after making them so much money.

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