Marvel.Com Unveils Games Section With Exclusive Activision "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" Interview

Official Press Release

With an ever-growing library of video games that allow you to take control of your favorite Super Heroes, Marvel.com is proud to add a video game section to their already enormously informative and exciting website. As more and more Marvel characters come alive on all the newest game consoles from the hottest studios, Marvel.com will be able to bring their fans news announcements, a backlist catalog with game summaries, screen shots, and some gaming goodies down the road sure to excite fans.

The new page will play host to exclusive interviews including one from Dan Vondrak, Project Lead of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance expected to debut in the fall. Created in alliance with Activision and Raven Software, this hugely anticipated new foray into computer RPGs will feature one of the largest rosters of characters ever in a video game and put fans in complete control of their favorite Marvel heroes.

Vondrak's exclusive interview demonstrates that he is completely ready for gamer and fans questions as to whether Marvel: Ultimate Alliance will kick butt more than any other Super Hero RPG before it. You can find that entire interview along with even more screenshots of the upcoming game on the new Marvel.com Games section.

The freshly unveiled games section is subdivided into families such as the X-Men and Spider-Man. The site can be easily browsed for info on an old favorite or the buzz on what's new. In time, the games section will offer exclusive content for Marvel games, as well as cheats, secrets, and message boards to bring the fans together.

"I'm very excited to have more video game content on Marvel.com," added Marvel's Online Creative Director, Peter Olson, "I mean, I'm looking forward to getting the tricks to beat the final boss on X-Men Legends."

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