Fred Van Lente Day Comic Legends: Who Were Coldmoon and Dragonfire?

In today's Fred Van Lente Day Chat Transcript, I removed one exchange because I figured that it would make for a cool Comic Book Legends Revealed. Then I thought that I should just do a special edition for Fred Van Lente Day. What a treat!

Okay, back in 2011, Marvel released Point One #1, a one-shot that delivered a bunch of short stories that set up future Marvel stories (namely Original Sin, Avengers vs. X-Men, Matt Fraction's Defenders and Age of Ultron). However, one story introduced two new heroes and didn't seem to go anywhere. It was written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Salvador Larroca...

During the chat, reader Steve Baksa asked Fred, "What were the original plans for Coldmoon and Dragonfire from the marvel point one one shot?"

Fred replied, "I believe the whole idea with those characters were to get them on the page so they could be used for a Marvel mobile game in the Chinese market.

Said game never materialized, so that short story is the current long and short of Coldmoon and Dragonfire's comic book career.

Thanks to Steve for the question and thanks to Fred for the answer!

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