How Much Would Marvel Heroes' New York Homes Cost?


As anyone who's gone apartment hunting in New York City could tell you, it can sometimes be a little frustrating to see the swanky residencies that even the most working-class of heroes in the Marvel Universe have managed to find and hold on to.

ForRent.com have come up with a fun infographic to explore how much money the properties fans see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- and its the more ground-level Netflix shows -- would actually cost.

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Take, for example, Jessica Jones’ one-bedroom fifth floor apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. ForRent.com notes its various selling points, including "high ceilings, built-in bookcases, crown moldings and a fireplace," as well as its home office, from which its current tenant runs Alias Investigations. But despite noting its significant cockroach problem, the website still sets the monthly rent on the place at $2,600.

By contrast, Killraven's penthouse in Tribeca is valued at $43 million. It pays to be a bad guy, it seems.

Doctor Strange's apartment at 177A Bleecker Street was once the home to comic book writers Roy Thomas and Bill Everett in real life; apparently the pair left after a rent dispute with the landlord. A similar fate may befall the Sorcerer Supreme if his landlord learns that the property is being "magically disguised as an abandoned building with a construction announcement that a Starbucks is coming soon."

Luke Cage could be considered an even less desirable tenant than the Master of the Mystic Arts -- after all, his $2,100-per-month Harlem studio apartment above Genghis Connie’s Chinese Restaurant was trashed by a rocket attack. But the sometimes hero-for-hire's super-strength, and ability to protect property managers from such threats, might go some way to mitigating the risk and, as ForRent speculates, may even result in a deeply discounted rent.

We can only assume Danny Rand is taking notes right now as he sets about finding himself some New York digs for his own upcoming Netflix series.

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