Hulk Slayers: 20 Characters Who Have Defeated Hulks

The fact that there is more than one Hulk in the Marvel Universe is quite alarming. An incredible powerhouse of destruction, one is more than enough to handle. While the Hulks vary in power level, they're all intimidating in their own right. Green, Red, Grey or Blue, each Hulk presents a unique and almost insurmountable threat. There are some Hulks that have incredible intelligence, matching their brains with their brawn. There are others that are simply engines of demolition, able to cast aside even the most formidable of challengers. As most operate on anger, it's hard to reason with a Hulk when they get into a frenzy. Even the most level-headed of their kind, like She-Hulk, could lose control in the right circumstance.

What's more amazing, is that there are individuals in the Marvel Universe who have defeated these Hulks. Refusing to flinch in the face of such an overwhelming foe, these few show immense bravery. There are several ways they've gone about this too, there's no definitive way to pin down a Hulk. It is sometimes impossible to simply match a Hulk's power level, it takes brains to come out of a conflict with one of these behemoths with a win. Intellect, cunning and even underhanded tactics, anything that can be done must be done if you hope to defeat a hulking opponent. With all of this in mind, CBR wants to take you on a trip across conflicts that saw Hulks beaten down for a change!

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The Hulk and Wolverine have had several tussles across several universes, each more messy than the last. Wolverine made his debut against Banner, so their history of tackling one another spans quite far back. They're both incredibly durable, allowing for gruesome and sustained bouts of violence between the heroes.

One of the most infamous instances occurred in Marvel's Ultimate Universe, where Banner ripped Wolverine in two. This wasn't the end of Logan though, and it seemed only a minor setback. In the far future, however, Logan reigned supreme eventually. As Old Man Logan, he cast aside an entire family of Hulks, Banner included.


No one has had more experience with Hulks than Bruce Banner. Being one himself he knows the ins and outs of the rage-induced existence all too well. He's faced Hulks of all kinds, from his own son to Red Hulks and even creatures who were attempts at replicating his awesome power.

Not only has he tangled physically with fellow behemoths, he's been fighting a battle with the Hulk within himself since the gamma explosion. From trying to suppress his transformations with chemicals, to giving his friends resources to put him down if he goes on a rampage, Banner knows all too well how to defeat a Hulk.


Hulk Punches Thor

Thor and Hulk have had a spirited rivalry across their time on the Avengers, with both heroes wanting to lay claim to being the strongest Avenger. This rivalry has transitioned over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, also. Most recently in Thor: Ragnarok, the duo slugged it out and the Quinjet activation Banner uses is a phrase stating he is the strongest Avenger.

Thor's had to deal with Hulk a few times when he's been on one of his rampages, and he doesn't always succeed. During Fear Itself, when Banner got a hold of an Asgardian Hammer, the two faced off in New York. Thor defeated both Hulk and The Thing, who were corrupted by the hammers they held.



In defense of Hulk on this one, Spider-Man was imbued with Uni-Power when they faced off. On top of this, Hulk was in his Gray Hulk incarnation at the time. In his Gray Hulk form, Banner's smarter than he usually is with all that strength, but his power is limited to an extent. Despite the factors aligning, this defeat was a little embarrassing.

As Captain Universe, Spider-Man was presenting big problems for Earth's criminals, including the Hellfire Club. Sebastian Shaw hired Hulk to take care of the cosmic web-slinger on his behalf. It didn't go well, as Spidey beat down the Hulk until he fled into space.


Iron Man Hulk Original Sin

Tony Stark has had a hand in several defeats of The Hulk over his tenure as an Avenger. He was part of the Illuminati's plot to exile Banner and he has even tried to drown the big guy in the past. Tony has been part of the Avengers on nearly every occasion that Hulk has lost control, so countermeasures from the inventor for such situations aren't entirely unpredictable.

He's defeated the Hulk with his patented Hulkbuster armor, specifically designed to deal with his friend's outbursts. The Hulkbuster has even appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, used to successful effect against banner.


deadpool vs hulk

Deadpool has defeated the entire Marvel Universe by breaking through the fourth wall on more than one occasion. So it's no surprise that he's defeated a Hulk or two. In this case, however, we're going to look at an instance that isn't outside of the canon of the Marvel Comics Universe.

Wade found himself facing off against the Hulk in a bid to get a sample of his irradiated blood. This was not an easy task given Hulk's tough skin and horrendous strength. Using his wits, Deadpool was able to orchestrate conditions so that Hulk would leap into the air and land on a rather sharp object. Incapacitating the Hulk for a while, Deadpool managed to get what he came for.


While Hulk is an intimidating presence, Thanos gives him a run for his money. Similarly to the way that people expect the worst when Hulk appears, given his past rampages, the same is expected of Thanos. He has defeated the Hulk on the big screen, in the MCU's Infinity War, he laid hands on Hulk with extreme prejudice within the first ten minutes!

In addition to this, in the comics he has bested the Hulk. When he assembled the Infinity Stones and brought the Marvel Universe to its knees, heroes from all corners of the cosmos were gathered to stop him. Among them was Hulk, who was seen off just as easily as his allies.



Matt Murdock is used to dealing with threats both on the streets of Hell's Kitchen and in the courtroom as a lawyer. One thing you wouldn't expect Matt to be able to deal with, is a rampaging Hulk in Hell's Kitchen. Luckily, Matt is able to  reason with Hulk, and while in his Bruce Banner form, helps him center himself.

The issue returns when a shaky banner tried to go home on public transport. The hustle and bustle irritates the scientist to a fever pitch and the Hulk makes another appearance. Daredevil, now out of options, has to fight his ally. Using acrobatics, he is able to dance around the Hulk, striking him and keeping himself from harm until he comes out on top.


Victor Von Doom loves to show off his power, so given a chance to best the Hulk, you know he's going to revel in it. Though Doom has been as powerful as a god on occasion, he did not have that luxury when he confronted Banner himself. Fortunately for Doom, he's an incredibly intelligent and inventive villain.

Doom actually approached Bruce with the view to getting him to join his latest scheme. When Bruce refused, the two battled for a spell, Doom preserving himself with his technology and armor. Eventually, Doom revealed technology that allowed him to control others, a Neuro-Ray. He incapacitated Hulk and monologues at him, which is a definitively Dr. Doom thing to do.


Otto is a colorful character and he is brilliant in his machinations and grand schemes. While defeating the Hulk is surprising for the villain, it's reasonable under the right circumstances. While trying to gather together the Sinister Six for one of his plots, he managed to cause a world of bother for Spider-Man.

Happening upon the situation, The Hulk decided to step into to assist the wall-crawler. Things wouldn't be so easy for Banner, though, as Otto had his tentacles reinforced with adamantium. Using the notoriously hard metal allowed Otto to pummel the Hulk without relent, humbling the gamma Goliath.


Another engine of pure destruction to match the Hulk, Juggernaut is a firm contender in the pantheon of Marvel behemoths. Though often angry himself, Cain Marko's power comes from the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, a sinister malevolent deity of destruction. The two have come into contention numerous times, trading wins and losses.

On one particular occasion, Hulk took on Juggernaut without knowing he was actually fighting Juggernaut. Not wearing his usual costume, Banner assumed this man was to be easily dispatched. He was gravely mistaken, as Marko choked him out after the two shared an extremely physical battle through the rainforest.


While the Silver Surfer is a longtime friend to Hulk, as with most of Hulk's allies, he's had to fight the guy. Famously, Hulk beat the tar out of him while they were imprisoned during Planet Hulk. This was likely due to Surfer not wanting to fight his friend on this occasion, given their predicament.

In the past, however, when Norrin Radd has had to deal with Hulk, he's done it in spectacular fashion. One time, he was able to remove Banner's gamma radiation, removing his powers temporarily. In another confrontation, Norrin simply slapped Hulk with his surfboard. The power cosmic is not to be trifled with!


the hulk cable

Cable is one of the most resourceful mutants in the Marvel Universe. Not only has he seen off threats from the present day, but he's been all over time and space showcasing his survivability. He's battled with some of Marvel's most powerful beings including Apocalypse and Stryfe.

In X-Sanction, Cable singlehandedly defeats the Avengers. He carefully pans to take them down one by one, until he is absconded by Red Hulk, who he did not account for. In order to see off the red giant, he uses his telekinetic powers to force his techno-organic virus into Red Hulk. This reacts with the behemoth's unique genetic structure, putting him down for the count.


Fellow scientists and friends, Bruce Banner and Bob Reynolds share a lot in common, and this is how they became so close. Both heroes have to deal with the fact they have immensely destructive forces lurking inside of them. As the Sentry, Bob's energy emits a golden light that has a calming effect on Banner when in Hulk form.

During World War Hulk, Banner was out for revenge on an Earth that had turned its back on him. Though they asked him to intervene from the start of Hulk's rampage, Bob held off on stopping his friend, conflicted by the proceedings. He eventually stepped in, engaging in a cataclysmic battle, ultimately stopping his friend but almost losing his own life in the process.


Nova Hulk

Though they would eventually work together for a short time, the first proper encounter between these two heroes wasn't a friendly one. During the AXIS story-line, several heroes and villains had their alignment swapped entirely. Hulk, being more complex, was turned into Kluh, a more powerful and dangerous version of himself.

While on a rampage, the Avengers didn't know how to handle this development. Seeing this as an opportunity to impress, Nova stepped up and got one hell of a beating for his troubles. Though his helmet was nearly destroyed and his arm broken, he managed to toss Kluh into space, removing the threat.



Technically, Maestro and Bruce Banner are the same person, only Maestro is from an alternate future. In this future he is a dictator, ruling over his domain with his brain and his brawn. He is able to enjoy both due to nuclear radiation from a war that wiped out most of Earth's heroes. The issue is, the radiation also contributed to his rapidly deteriorating mental state.

Hulk finds himself in this future, joining the rebellion against this nefarious future reflection of himself. During a fight with Maestro, Bruce is distracted and has his neck snapped by the villain. Though he survives the attack, which would end most people, he is left immobile and is imprisoned by Maestro.


Havok X-Men Legacy

Alex Summers has an incredible amount of power stored in his body at any given time. If he were ever to lose control, he could destroy an entire planet. With power such as this, he should be able to stand up to a Hulk. On one occasion, he did just that!

On one of his journeys, Hulk came across Polaris and mistook her for one of his former lovers. In the confusion he took Polaris, who was Havok's partner at the time. He engaged the Hulk in an attempt to rescue her, coming out on top. He leveraged all of his power into a focused blast to Hulk's head, knocking him out.


Namor and the Hulk have been on several of the same super teams together, from the Avengers to the Defenders. The Sub-Mariner has a great deal of respect for Hulk, acknowledging his struggle with his powers. He was vehemently against exiling his friend in the Planet Hulk event, a protest that saw him leave the Illuminati shortly afterwards.

Despite standing up to his friend, Namor has defeated the Hulk when the two have had their personal differences. On top of this, Namor has toppled Red Hulk as well. During the Avengers Vs. X-Men arc, Namor was imbued with the Phoenix Force, allowing him to easily break the arm of Red Hulk.


Hulk Thing

Yancy Street's clobberer extraordinaire Ben Grimm has had the fortune of defeating the Hulk in his time as a superhero. Granted the Thing was powered up by cosmic radiation, further progressing his existing powers to the point where he could stand against Banner.

In this form, Ben knocked out the Hulk. This proved to raised Bruce's ire, forcing him to return to the drawing board before their rematch. Ben's always done alright against the Hulk though, even in his defeats. During World War Hulk, he held off Banner at his most irate state, keeping the Baxter Building safe from his onslaught.


Hulk Abyss

Bruce Banner was brought into the Avengers once more when Steve Rogers and Tony Stark devised their Avengers Machine. The specialized team was assembled to, in theory, be ready for all threats on and off of planet Earth. On one of their first missions however, they weren't as prepared as they thought.

Encountering Ex Nihilo and his partner Abyss on Earth's moon, the cosmic beings confounded the heroes. Abyss was able to easily take the mind of Hulk, turning him into her pawn. She used the subjugated Hulk to dispatch a large contingent of the present Avengers, including Thor.

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