15 Marvel Characters That Were Made To Dislike But Fans Love (15 That We Were Supposed To Like And We Didn't)

Marvel Comics has been around for several years. Written mostly, in the earlier days, by Stan Lee (among a slew of others), this comic book group grew to become massively popular. Several superheroes and villains stood out among the crowded field, but everyone knew Marvel was too compelling to avoid. Through the years, DC Comics did have moments when they were ahead of Marvel, making it hard to compete. Marvel even went through a comic book bust that resulted in the company selling off heroes to studios to stay running. It was sad to see, but in the end, it worked out for the best as it meant Marvel could keep their options open. Major and minor characters both had the opportunity to make it onto animated shows, blockbuster movies, tv series, and video games.

In the end, we have a better comic book life today as a result of the television and movie experience. Despite this, one of the biggest issues fans face today is their disagreement with others. Moreover, there is a long-held problem between the comic book readers and the writers of comics. They may feel you should like or hate a character and write him or her as such, but people do not buy in. They feel how they want, which is obvious, but it is interesting to see in any case. Today, this mindset is even bigger than before. This list will go into the characters that are often hated when they were meant to be loved, and loved when they were meant to be hated!

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Sabretooth is one of the most notable villains in Marvel due to his connection with Wolverine. They are similar in a lot of ways, but Sabretooth has completely given himself over to the animal side of himself, whereas Wolverine has some kind of knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.

However, despite how bad he really is, fans love when he shows up. Granted, it can be because it means that they will get a big throwdown with the Wolverine, but he adds plenty of intrigue and excitement to the comics, which has fans smiling.


Angel Secondary Mutation

Along with some other key figures, Angel is part of the original class of mutants that become the X-Men. He is an incredible character, but not many people would go on to think that. His simple power of flight was not enough for fans to fall in love with him. Although he does get a little more interesting when he becomes Archangel, fans still couldn't even muster up the effort to properly hate him. Thus he ends up with nothing at all, no hate, no love, just a character who did not get enough of a storyline to be worth anything to fans.


Psylocke Old New Body

Psylocke was made to be among the bad girl characters. She was a villain, but she did not get the hatred of one. She has telepathic and telekinetic powers, as well as precognitive abilities that allowed her to see what was coming. This ability to see what was not there yet made her valuable to both heroes and villains alike.

She is most known for the psionic energy that she develops into weapons, most often swords. That is not even discussing her impressive martial arts experience! So, although she was made to be bad, fans thought her powers, costume, and storyline was just so amazing that she became beloved enough to join the X-Men.


Fans are often divided on their opinions of this hero, as there is either a lot of content from her, making her loved, or so little that fans just can't seem to care about her. Marvel just can't seem to get her right, so they often try to switch up her character, giving her edges that are not needed in order to make her interesting.

However, fans can never really seem to decide whether or not any of her storylines were any good, and beyond her relationship with Logan, people never really ended up caring for her.


Possibly the most debated villain in the MCU today has to be Erik Killmonger. He was played brilliantly by Michael B. Jordan, and he was written to be the obvious villain. He was trying to take what made felt was rightfully T'Challa's, which was the throne of Wakanda and the right to be the Black Panther.

Killmonger was someone who wanted to take the resources of Wakanda and give them back to his community, share them with the poorer parts of the world, instead of keeping it all hidden. In a lot of ways, this made tons of sense, and this allowed a lot of fans to sympathize with him.


Storm is a very powerful mutant who has the ability to control the weather. She is not an overrated hero by any means, but she is not particularly loved by fans.

However, this is not because of anything the comics did to her, but rather, what popular media has done to the character. In the movies and television shows she is not portrayed at all properly, be it by the acting or the storyline given to her. Nothing has saved her yet in media, so fans have yet to fall in love with her as they did in the comics.


Bucky Barnes is not someone formed for hate, but his supposed passing meant we thought he was gone for good. Yet he was operating for years as none other than the Winter Soldier. After being affected by a similar serum like his buddy Steve Rogers, he can basically hold his own against the Captain.

Although he is a trained assassin who is brainwashed by the enemy, fans fell in love with Bucky, before, during and after his brainwashing arc. His relationship with Rogers has kept fans interested in him throughout the years, and thanks to his amazing story in the MCU he has become a fan favorite.



One of the worst offenders in Marvel is Charles Xavier. Although he has always been used wonderfully in popular media, he clearly has a lot to explain. First and foremost, his supreme ability to control minds allowed him to also read them. He earned a Doctorate Degree because he'd always know the answers.

However, despite his intelligence, he makes some decisions that would suggest he doesn't think things through. He consistently puts his students in danger, has manipulated many members of the X-Men and has even erased Beast from existence.


While her use in the MCU has made her beloved, they never truly went into the background of Natasha Romanoff (Romanova) in the films. She was once a Russian spy and assassin, working for both HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D which meant that people never really knew what side of the line she was on.

Natasha is an impressive double agent no one could follow. The Black Widow name comes from her ability to get close to men and assassinate them. She is an incredible character, and although fans were supposed to distrust her, fans instead could not get enough of her.


scarlet witch hex

Scarlet Witch might be the most powerful character in the universe. Wanda operates Chaos Magic, allowing her to warp reality. She can manipulate matter, probability, and even time. Likely her best showcase of power came in the "House of M" storyline when she creates a reality for herself and it eventually rips into the normal universe. However, even though she is this strong, it is hard for fans to actually like her.

She tends to get out of control in the comics, and it is during these times that she wipes out either all of mutant-kind or the Avengers. Considering that, it is hard to love someone who has no problem erasing her family and friends.



Kingpin is one of the most popular villains in both the Spider-Man comics and the Daredevil comics. He is a master criminal, tactician, and hand-t0-hand fighter. Although his suit often gives him greater durability and armor, he is also relatively strong. He is also a necessary evil in the Marvel universe. Whenever Kingpin controls the city, crime seems managed rather than random.

When Kingpin is out of commission, it is not a shock things go south. As a result, many feel Kingpin is not that bad, especially when he brings order back to the city. He'll go against other criminals to maintain control, which makes them fear him more than the superheroes at times.


Reed Richards Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards is a brilliant man, which we know even before he manages to get superpowers, so Reed was obviously a huge asset to any team he is on. Unfortunately, Reed has an ego that could outshine even Tony Stark. He is married to one of the smartest women in Marvel comics but can only ever focus on himself.

Overall, Reed has tremendous abilities but he's simply hard to love due to his bloated ego and pretty terrible personality. He and other members of Marvel's Illuminati send Hulk away to another world without trial, which harbors a lot of hate from the Hulk, and eventually, Reed even becomes a villain.


Emma Frost is a lot like Jean Grey from her powers down to her love interest. She has telepathy and telekinesis mutant abilities, but unlike other telepaths, she has a diamond form that also prevents other telepaths from interfering with her.

She has a higher level of strength and durability in this form, yet she cannot use her telepathic powers in it. Frost might be positioned as a villain yet she is always compelling and believable as a hero. Even when she was bad, there is often a moral reason for the decision, and because of this, she eventually becomes an X-Men member.


Gambit tends to divide fans right in half. He tends to come off a little arrogant to many fans, and even a bit overrated. However, the other side of the fandom has been in love with Gambit since his very first appearance.

He has amazing kinetic powers that he puts into objects, and even has some level of precognition. He is one of the best criminals in the Marvel universe, and his mysterious side is what brings fans to like him. Not to mention, he has one of the greatest love stories in the comics with his fellow teammate, Rogue.


While Loki has always been pretty likable for some fans, he blew up in popularity due to the MCU, and fans were shaken by his death in Infinity War. However, he seems to always harbor love. Overall, Loki is a villain, and for good reason too.

He has done horrible things to his family and friends, but people can never really seem to hate him. Thanks to not only the comics, but also to the MCU character, the soft side he shows has allowed fans to fall in love with the Mater of Mischief. Deep down, this villain loves his mother and brother dearly, and cannot stand seeing them hurt.



The Sentry is probably one of the most despised superheroes in Marvel Comics. He is completely overpowered and he is used randomly throughout the comics, never quite fitting in anywhere as a result. He is quite similar to Superman, down to the large "S" that is printed on his costume.

He is basically invulnerable, and has trouble controlling the other, evil side of him named "Void", making him unpredictable. Although he might be cool, and is basically a God, Marvel never seemed to know what to do with him, which made comic readers weary of him more than anything.


Cable Depowered

Originally, Cable was supposed to be a villain to the X-Men, but the reasons for his actions get explained and eventually they realize he is a hero. However, because of his actions and what the future has in store for him, even his own father, Cyclops, tries to end his life.

More times than not, Cable has been a villain to a member of the X-Men, including Wolverine, who isn't a fan of the Summers family at all. However, he ends up becoming loved by the team, friends with Deadpool, and a favorite among fans for both his power and his interesting storyline.



While Netflix gives us a proper Elektra, her previous movie forms were not really the best things to see. As a result of the problems she had in popular media, Elektra never seemed to be in good graces with fans until recently. The character always seems as if she was supposed to be the hero. Elektra comes into the picture because of her affiliation to Daredevil, but there are some clear trust issues between the two of them.

She has ended the lives of hundreds of S.H.I.E.L.D agents, has made her mark as an assassin, and has tried to end Deadpool on multiple occasions. She has even dipped her toes into HYDRA's pool. While she was designed to be an anti-hero like Black Widow, fans just could not see her that way.


Thanos has always been an interesting character for Marvel Comics fans. The recent MCU usage of the character has left people a bit indifferent. He is the clear villain, yet we can understand what he is doing. Thanos wants to protect the universe and realizes it has gone beyond its means. He saw his own planet crash from various problems.

However, his solution to the problem is obviously terrible, which is what makes him a villain. Despite that, people understand where he is coming from as he brings up climate issues, dangers in technological advancements and problems with war. Thus, it is hard for fans to completely hate someone who makes such compelling points.


Namor the Sub-Mariner

Namor the Sub-Mariner is an interesting and compelling superhero. He is among the first Marvel characters as well and he was also Marvel's first official mutant. Though similar to Aquaman for obvious reasons, he actually pre-dates DC's Atlantean King.

He has enhanced strength, speed, agility, and he also has an ability to not age as fast as normal humans and has telepathic control over sea creatures. Unfortunately for this hero, he is easy to hate. He is chaotically neutral; he never picks a side, but doesn't seem to have a problem betraying his friends, and remains arrogant even when he is defeated.


Mystique has a brilliant mutant power that allows her to shape-shift. This means she can pretty much turn her body into anyone down to a cellular level. However, her power only affects the outside of her and will not give her the powers of another mutant she might have formed into, nor will it give her the memories the person has.

Every fan knows that Mystique is one of the greatest villains to appear in the X-Men comic books. She is an expert assassin, and incredibly intelligent, and she uses neither of those things for good. However, people love her anyway.


Though the Inhumans are a very fun race, they are often thought to be a bootleg mutant group. This is unfair, to say the least, but it's not inaccurate at times. They do have high powered characters, such as Black Bolt, but really, they often serve the same purpose as the X-Men.

The big difference is that they are not despised by humans, since they tend to keep to themselves, and even sometimes come off as boring. Although fans were meant to love them, it was hard to when the storylines were just never enticing enough.


Initially, Wolverine was part of a one-off comic involving The Incredible Hulk. The Canadian hero is a brilliant tracker, and due to a healing ability, it appears no one can hurt him for long either. With Hulk being on the loose, the Canadian government needs a guy to take him down and Logan fits the bill.

As it turned out, Wolverine became such an interesting character for the writers to write about and for the fans to fall in love with. He became one of the most beloved superheroes in the comics and in the films.


Tony Stark is a brilliant man who can do some extraordinary things. Whether he becomes a superhero or not, he and his money can be useful to the world. However, like our pal Reed Richards, Tony has a massive ego. In fact, one could say he is the villain in the Marvel Civil War storyline.

He has an undeserved ego, even when he fails. Granted, he is one of the smartest people in the world, so it is not difficult to understand where he gets this ego from. Considering the party boy lifestyle of this superhero, it is no wonder that Captain America gets a little annoyed at times.


Wade Wilson was literally born from hatred. He was supposed to be a dig at DC's Deathstroke, who was named Slade Wilson. Both are assassins for hire and they both wear masks completely over their face and have powers that enhance them. Yet the difference came into play when Marvel began making Wade absolutely insane.

This came from the disease that was infecting his brain, and it was something he had to live with forever, but it ultimately ended up frying his brain. However, this is what brings us our favorite 4th-wall-breaking anti-hero. While the comic heroes may hate the guy, fans certainly don't.


Jean Grey is by no means someone to love. Let's be honest for a second about Jean. The Phoenix Force lives within her, so it can cause some trouble on its own, but Jean herself is also a force to be reckoned with. An example of that is when she broke up Cyclops' marriage to Madelyne Pryor.

There was a lot of drama that went on between that love triangle, and even more drama came with the love triangle that involved Wolverine. She has not always been so faithful to her husband, and even rejected her own future daughter. Eventually, the power got to her head, and she even took out some of her own teammates.



Venom uses the body of a few people in the universe, however, the most prominent are Flash Thompson and Eddie Brock. When we first come across Venom, he is a clear villain and wants to take down Spider-Man. This seems to be a direct result of Eddie Brock's thoughts regarding Spidey. Venom's popularity explodes and he becomes an anti-hero as a result.

When Flash played him, the initial plan was always to be a hero. Today, Agent Venom or the regular Venom tend to be good guys, but there are still villainous moments with Venom. The original idea for the symbiote is to be a better, more powerful Spider-Man to give Spidey a true competitor.


Many people wondered why Disney and Marvel Studios went with the Scott Lang version of Ant-Man in the MCU over Hank Pym being the hero, when the movie was first coming out. While casual movie watchers might not have known the reason, comic book fans already did.

Hank had a huge anger problem that he really needed help for, and he often took that out on his wife. He even used the suit to creep on women. Later on in the comics, Scott Lang took over the Ant-Man name and became a true hero.



Rogue is a young superhero with the power to absorb life energy as well as powers from mutants, at least for a short period of time. She can even hold on long enough to attain some of their appearance or end their life altogether.

Overall, Rogue makes for a good villain which is why Marvel introduced her as one originally. She initially debuted as an Avengers and X-Men villain, and she was even working with Mystique at one point. Now, however, she is a brilliant hero figure. Obviously, she has made some mistakes on the road to learning how to use her powers, but she has become a brilliant hero.


Cyclops Death of X cover

Scott Summers, in theory, is a good hero. He is a great tactician, a tremendous fighter, and the beams from his eyes can rip through basically anything. However, he does not always have the greatest track record, and he is not altogether a good man. He was not always faithful to Jean Grey, as he sometimes traveled to Psylocke and Emma Frost to get what he wanted.

Not to mention, in his desire to acquire the Phoenix Force, he took out Emma and Charles Xavier. He unleashed a prone X-23 against Wolverine's wishes and tried to hunt down and end his son, Cable. While Cyclops is not altogether someone to hate in and out, as he has had many good moments, but it is very hard to like him at all sometimes.

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