The Worthy: 10 Characters Who've Had The Power of Thor, Ranked

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Despite it's strict requires for being wielded, Mjolnir has been hefted by many a Marvel hero. So many in fact, that it can sometimes be hard to keep track of. If we're going by MCU standards, the numbers drop significantly. However, if we're referring to the comics... well, they've had a lot of time to accumulate worthy heroes, and that's before taking alternate universes into account.

Mjolnir is an amazing weapon. However, there is a reason that Odin wanted to control, or at least limit, the number of people who had access to it. He himself had trouble wielding Mjolnir when it was first created, and it didn't take long for him to learn his lesson there. The thought that this sort of destructive powers could end up in the hands of somebody who would relish it was simply too much. Thus, an enchantment was placed on Mjolnir—making it so only those that are worthy can wield it. Here are the top ten heroes who have wielded Mjolnir, not counting Thor himself, that is—that one is fairly obvious.

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10 Black Widow

The Black Widow that resides on Earth 23223 proved herself worthy of wielding the power of Thor. Natasha was a part of Colonel Fury's team to retrieve Mjolnir. During the mission, it became clear that she was the worthy one on the team, so she did what was needed of her. She became the Goddess of Thunder. Unfortunately, Natasha had limited options during this battle. She went with the only one available that would allow her to defeat the enemy. She destroyed everything around, including herself.

9 Rogue

Rogue is best known for her ability to absorb abilities. In fact, she's a little bit infamous for it. However, abilities aren't the only thing she can absorb. She can also absorb a person's 'worthiness' in regards to wielding the power of Thor. You can probably guess where we're going with this... This obviously happened back in the days before Rogue reformed and started battling for the greater good. But one has to wonder, what would Rogue look like now, had she the opportunity to wield the hammer?

8 Thunderstrike

Eric Masterson, aka Thunderstrike, was once worthy of wielding Mjolnir. For a while, he even went by the name Thor, believe it or not. For a time Eric and Thor were actually one—the result of an attempt to save Eric's life. Eric was later rewarded with his own weapon from Odin himself. He named the weapon Thunderstrike. It's a weapon that his son, Kevin, would later pick up and carry.

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7 Valkyrie

Valkyrie was another hero to pick up Mjolnir. In her case, she didn't make the attempt until after she saw Thor, her lover at the time, sacrifice himself in order to save her life. From there, it was only natural that she pick up the weapon he left behind and carry on the work he loved so dearly. Valkyrie even carried his name for a time. Things did eventually turn back to normal, but for a time she was Midgard's defender—all for Thor.

6 Volstagg the Voluminous

Volstagg is yet another hero to pick up Mjolnir. Though in his case, he picked up a hammer from an alternate universe. He picked up War Thor's hammer... and the results were rather dramatic. Volstagg became worthy of this particular hammer after the children he was holding in his arms burned into nothing. It was an extremely traumatic moment for the character. He became enraged and determined to end the war all on his own, no matter the cost. Vostagg was eventually convinced into putting the hammer down... however, he is still worthy of it, even now.

5 Vision

Even MCU Vision is considered worthy of wielding the power of Thor. It is not something he takes lightly, nor does he abuse the ability. In fact, in the MCU, he is usually only seen hefting it in order to prove a point—that he is not their enemy. Needless to say, it worked.

4 Captain America (Spoiler Warning)

Both the comic version and the MCU version of Captain America have been worthy of wielding the hammer. It's really no surprise when you think about it. Steve Rogers is one of the best heroes Marvel has, and we're not just talking about his ability to kick butt. He's got all the right traits a hero should have. Captain America is not a hero that goes looking for additional power. We've only ever seen him pick up Mjolnir when it was needed most—when he was ambushed, desperately trying to save a friend, or stop an enemy. Just one more reason to love Steve Rogers.

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3 Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill may be one of the more iconic characters capable of wielding Mjolnir. He was able to prove his status as an ally by picking up the hammer, much like Vision did in the MCU. Beta Ray Bill has made appearances in both the comics and the animated tv series. So far, there's been no solid MCU cameo. However, that's likely to change in the near future. One can only hope that he'll be worthy still.

Beta Ray Bill ended up giving Thor back his hammer. However, Thor insisted that he received a new weapon in return; one that would allow him to protect his people. And thus Stormbreaker was born. You may recognize that name from Avengers: Infinity War. Raises some interesting questions, doesn't it?

2 Jane Foster – Mighty Thor

Jane Foster is quite possibly the most controversial character that has wielded the hammer. She picked up Mjolnir after Thor became unworthy—a major event in its own right. She was determined to step up and help in Thor's place. In fact, Thor felt the need to give her his name, even though she wouldn't tell him her true name. Jane continued to wield Mjolnir, even as it was literally killing her. It turns out that the hammer naturally removes all toxins in the body—including chemo. Despite this challenge, she was Thor for a solid five-volume series.

1 Odin

Okay, this one is probably fairly obvious, but it also deserves the top spot. Long before Thor ever wielded Mjolnir, Odin himself carried the weapon. Granted, even Odin himself isn't consistently worthy of wielding the hammer (see the Mighty Thor series, for example). In the Marvel universe, it was Odin who ordered Mjolnir to be created. It makes sense that he'd be one of the first people to try and use the weapon. However, it was too powerful and quickly proved itself to be a danger. Odin, being the stubborn hero he is, didn't give up. But he did feel bitter about the difficulties he faced, which may be the true root behind the enchantment he placed upon it.

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