5 Marvel Characters That Spawn Could Never Defeat (& 5 That He’d Destroy)

There's an argument to made for Spawn being one of the most powerful comic book characters of all time. He has the traditional super power set of strength, invulnerability and flight on top of other abilities like teleportation and telekinesis. That's not even taking into account his suit, K7-Leetha, a living symbiotic costume that gives him special powers and abilities. On top of that, when he was alive as Al Simmons he was trained in an impressive array of ways to kill people.

Essentially, he has an insane power set and the training to use those powers right. While he's a top dog in the Image Universe, one can't help but wonder how he'd stack up against some of Marvel's best and worst.

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10 DESTROY: Venom

Venom is an interesting match up with Spawn as they both have symbiotic relationships with living costumes that give them incredible powers. That's where the similarities end, though. While Al Simmons was as solider and mercenary before becoming Spawn, Eddie Brock was a reporter. Venom's lack of training puts him at an immediate disadvantage.

Plus, Venom is vulnerable to fire which Spawn has easy access to. Simply put, Spawn would straight up overpower Venom, possibly taking the symbiote for his own. Spawn with the Venom symbiote is an interesting thought.

9 DEFEATED BY: Doctor Strange


This would be an interesting fight simply because both men have magic in their repertoires. Spawn's Hell powered abilities are mystical in nature and no one knows the mystical realm quite like Doctor Strange.

When it comes to magic, Doctor Strange simply has Spawn outclassed. A living costume and military training simply do not give Spawn an edge over the Master of the Mystic Arts. Anything Spawn can throw at him, Doctor Strange has something to counter and top. That being said, this is a fight between two powerful individuals that could level cities if left unchecked.

8 DESTROY: Wolverine

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does and what he does ain't nice. Spawn is just as good at the same kinds of things. Both men are highly trained, experienced killers with reputations as such.

They even have a power match up in their respective healing abilities. Spawn might be one of the few comic book characters with a healing factor as robust as Wolverine's. The reality for Logan is that Spawn out powers him in every other way. For all of his abilities, Wolverine simply doesn't have depth of abilities to take down someone like Spawn. No matter how much his claws heat up.

7 DEFEATED BY: Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch is powerful enough that even Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme has problems containing her. She is a mutant with ability to manipulate chaos magic. This means almost anything is possible for her on some level. While her abilities have more mundane manifestations like hex bolts and teleportation, she is capable of altering and re-writing reality.

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Spawn may have is own mystical abilities but he simply cannot stand up to the level of power Scarlet Witch is capable of unleashing on him. It's hard to win a fight against someone who can change the world you're fighting in.

6 DESTROY: Daimon Hellstrom

The son of Satan and a human woman, Daimon Hellstrom rules a dimension of Hell. This gives him access to mystical abilities and weapons most mortals could never dream of, making him a worthy opponent for pretty much anyone.

He would certainly give Spawn a run for his money in a fight, but Daimon would ultimately lose that fight. For all of his abilities, Daimon is powered by Hell and if there's one thing Spawn knows how to do it's take down things that are powered by Hell. Daimon is walking into a fight he cannot win.

5 DEFEATED BY: Ghost Rider

The Spirit of Vengeance is a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe. He is one of the most powerful beings out there and is unwavering in his focus. Ghost Rider is drawn to the sins you have committed, looking to bring vengeance upon you. Spawn is one of the world's biggest sinners, which is why he ended up becoming Spawn in the first place.

Like Hellstrom, Ghost Rider derives his powers from Hell which might give Spawn an edge but Hellstrom lacks the intensity Ghost Rider has. He wouldn't lose this fight because he can't lose this fight. Ghost Rider would just keeping coming at Spawn until he was gone.

4 DESTROY: Magneto

When making a list of the most powerful mutants in Marvel, the Master of Magnetism had better be in your top three. His abilities afford him so many nuanced tricks that he can pull off almost anything but Spawn might be the one opponent he can't handle.

Keeping in mind that Spawn's necroplasmatic body most likely has some metal still in it, Magneto might be able to manipulate that metal as well as many aspects of the world around him. Spawn has too much power to overcome. He has abilities that defy the powers Magneto harnesses, making this a likely victory for Spawn.

3 DEFEATED BY: Phoenix

On her own, Jean Grey is a powerhouse. Imbued with the Phoenix Force, she is virtually unstoppable. The power level wielded by Phoenix is almost unmatched in the Marvel Universe.

Despite the array of powers at his disposal, Spawn simply could not stand up to her raw might. Spawn could make it interesting, though, if he summoned back up from Hell to face off against her. It might at least make the fight longer than a few seconds, though it would ultimately be a squash in her favor. This is someone who can tear worlds apart. Spawn doesn't really have much to combat that.

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2 DESTROY: Blade

Blade kills vampires. He hunts the undead and Spawn is certainly that, but he's no vampire. The Daywalker is proficient with guns, swords and his fists. He also possesses a range of superhuman abilities that make him a formidable opponent for pretty much anyone.

Unfortunately, Spawn isn't going to be put down by a well placed wooden stake or kick to the face. Blade would certainly be up for the fight, as he is with anything mystical being he deems a threat. Spawn just has him beat on almost any front. Blade would make him earn that victory, though.


It's not his power that makes Thanos a threat to Spawn, though that power is formidable. It's the mind of Thanos that makes him such a threat. He is brilliant, devious and Machiavellian on a level that Spawn has never experienced. For all of Spawn's abilities, defeating Thanos would be challenging if not impossible.

Spawn's only hope would be to take him by surprise and not give him a chance to work out any sort of a strategy. If he did, Thanos would develop plans within plans within plans that would give him the upper hand. Paired with his raw power, it makes it unlikely that Spawn would defeat him.

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