19 Marvel Characters Who Could Appear On Netflix (And 1 Who Is Impossible)


While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ruled the box office with monster hits like the Avengers movies as well as efforts like Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America films, its television sector has enjoyed a huge success of its own. While their attempts at ABC superhero shows have not always received critical acclaim, the Marvel Netflix series of shows surrounding street-level heroes have achieved great critical success.

It all started with Daredevil and then hit its peak with the first season of Jessica Jones. The shows have brought beloved characters like Luke Cage to the forefront and succeeded with characters like Punisher and Elektra, where the big screen adaptations failed. It has also brought characters like Karen Page, Ben Ulrich, and Patsy Walker (known as Trish Walker in Jessica Jones) to an audience that might have no idea who those people were, before Netflix added them to their shows.

With that being said, the shows have not always achieved the same level of success.  Iron Fist critically panned and the second season of Jessica Jones was a slight letdown after the popular first season. Despite that, the excitement for new Marvel adventures on Netflix is high and there are a lot of great characters that Marvel can bring into the world in upcoming seasons. Some have already been hinted at and others have even shown up, but have yet to take on their comic book roles.

From new heroes to iconic villains and great supporting characters, here's 19 Crazy Characters That Could Still Appear On Marvel Netflix And 1 Who Would Be Impossible.

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moon knight

Arguably, the most requested Marvel character that fans want to join Marvel Netflix world is Moon Knight. The excitement even started to grow when Daredevil show-runner Steven DeKnight said that he wanted to make a Moon Knight show for Netflix in the future, calling him a "great character."

DeKnight is right about Moon Knight. Anyone who thinks that he is Marvel's version of Batman has never read the comics. Moon Knight is a hero with split personalities. While they originally were just in place for him to undertake undercover missions, soon he started to lose himself in his alter egos and his debt to Khonsu, who might only exist in his own mind. Marvel could use this character to look into the mental state of a superhero on the streets.


If Moon Knight becomes a TV series for Marvel Netflix, they have to bring in Taskmaster as a villain. Honestly, even if they don't bring in Moon Knight, Taskmaster could be the perfect villain for Daredevil too. For those unaware of who Taskmaster is, he is a villain and sometimes antihero whose superpower is to absorb knowledge instantly and this allows photographic reflexes.

Taskmaster is a villain that can adapt to his opponents fighting style, it would be interesting to see this villain go toe-to-toe with Daredevil. 

Once Taskmaster sees someone fight, he knows their style and it is then almost impossible for anyone to defeat him. Taskmaster reverted back to Marvel for movies in 2013 when they got the rights to Daredevil, so that opens up the chance for him to make future appearances, possibly as a nemesis for Daredevil himself down the line.


Recently, Marvel got the rights back to a number of characters, including Ghost Rider, Blade, and Punisher. Marvel quickly jumped to action with Punisher when they added him to Daredevil season 2 and then brought in one version of Ghost Rider to ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, there has been no sign of Blade.

When Marvel started its Marvel Knights comic book line years back, some major characters like Daredevil, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and Blade headlined the comic. While vampires seem a little out of the norm in the Marvel Netflix world, Marvel did tease the supernatural when The Hand resurrected Elektra. Plus, a toy line from 2017 that included Netflix Marvel heroes had a Blade action figure, so it isn't out of the question.


When Iron Fist hit Marvel Netflix, it arrived with a thud -- the most critically derided show of the Marvel Netflix shows. While a lot of the blame fell on a slow burn storyline and a leading actor that critics didn't fall for, there were other complaints. Some critics complained that Iron Fist should have been Asian, even though that would have completely changed the character's story and purpose from the comics.

Besides, there is already a character that Marvel Netflix could use to appease those complaints without ruining the character of Iron Fist. Shang-Chi, Master of King Fu, is the character that all those critics possibly wanted to see, as it would add a strong Asian hero without changing everything about a pre-existing character. Add in the fact that he is connected with Iron Fist in the comics, and his entry point is already in place.


There has been a ton of rumors floating around that Hawkeye will be back in Avengers 4 but will take on the role of Ronin, a character he portrayed in the comic books. For those who do not know the story, Hawkeye died in the comics and after he was resurrected he chose to take on a new role to stay out of sight during the long-running Civil War. That character was Ronin.

Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, was the first to dawn the Ronin mantle to investigate the Silver Samurai, before giving the alias to Clint Barton.

Hawkeye was not the first Ronin, nor was he the last. The first Ronin was actually a character previously known as Echo, a girl who was born deaf but had photographic reflexes making her an expert fighter. She also had a relationship with Daredevil, both antagonistic and romantic. If Hawkeye is coming in as Ronin in Avenger 4, Marvel Netflix could introduce the original version in Daredevil.


Before Jessica Jones season 2, there were rumors running rampant about who the villain of the season would end up being. While it ended up as Jones' mother, one of the leading candidates for many fans was none other than Typhoid Mary. While that was a rumor that did not come true, there is also the chance that this big bad Marvel villain could show up down the line.

Typhoid Mary is a mutant, but she is not part of the X-Men world. Typhoid Mary is more of a street-level villain, appearing in the pages of DaredevilSpider-Man and Deadpool comics. Her powers include setting things on fire with her mind and telekinesis. She also has multiple-personality disorder, which could play well with the mental illness aspect of Jessica Jones.


Trish Walker has been a very polarizing character throughout the first two seasons of Jessica Jones. On the show, she is Jones' adopted sister, a former child star who went by the name Patsy. As an adult, she became a radio host. During the course of the two seasons, she moved on to TV and ended up going to very dark places, fighting personal demons and ending up with some heightened powers of her own.

The second season ended with Walker dropping a phone and catching it with her feet -- showing cat-like reflexes. Of course, in the comic books, Patsy Walker is the superhero Hellcat, a former member of The Defenders. With the twist and the dark direction writers have taken Trish in Jessica Jones, Hellcat should show up sooner rather than later -- but will she be a hero or a villain?


If Trish Walker becomes Hellcat in season 3 of Jessica Jones, there are a lot of directions the show can take her character. She obviously has a lot of personal demons that she faced in her past and her own sister disowned her in the finale. With Jessica wanting nothing to do with Trish and the powers of the Hellcat starting to take effect, an infamous comic book storyline is ripe for the telling.

If Daimon Hellstorm were to make an appearance in the next season of Jessica Jones, it would bring a supernatural element to the show since he is the son of Satan. 

In the comic books, Hellcat was a member of The Defenders along with Daimon Hellstrom, the Son of Satan. Now, when it comes to Marvel Netflix, there is no way that it will have Daimon appear in his comic book form, but having a character like Daimon show up -- maybe one that is into dark magic -- and become friends with Trish could really throw her life into turmoil.


Daredevil has battled Kingpin, Punisher and The Hand. While there are many great Daredevil villains still available from the comic books, one that many people might not think of is Parker Robbins, also known as Hood. He was a petty thief who agreed to a heist to earn money to help his sick mother and pregnant wife. What he ended up with were a cloak and boots that gave him special powers.

Hood was created by Brian K. Vaughan and his origin showed that he got his original entry to the world of superheroes when, as a child, he watched Daredevil and Electro in battle. Over time, he built his own criminal organization in New York City -- something available to Daredevil writers with Kingpin in jail -- and one of his gang members includes Jigsaw, who was introduced in The Punisher.


punisher barracuda

There is no word yet on who Punisher will battle in the second season of his Marvel Netflix series. However, if Marvel wants to put Frank Castle up against someone very powerful, and someone who is basically a twisted mirror version of the hero, look no further than Barracuda. While Punisher ends criminals to make sure that they don't hurt anyone again, Barracuda ends criminals when he is paid to.

The best part is that fans may already have seen a glimpse of Barracuda. When Karen Page saw a picture of Frank Castle from his military past in Daredevil season 2, there is a large and imposing black soldier in the background. If The Punisher Netflix series wants to introduce this crazed killer, that opens the door for him to be part of Frank's past.


Marvel has said that there are no plans for a Defenders season 2, that does not mean it won't happen. That also doesn't mean they aren't working on another big team-up series. If The Defenders team up again, there needs to be a reason for it. The first time around, they fought The Hand. What if they have to team up again to fight a different type of super-villain coalition?

The Serpent Society, a supervillain team with members named after a snake, has a lot of connections with villain groups that have made an appearance in the MCU. It wouldn't be too far fetched if they made an appearance in the second season of The Defenders. 

The Serpent Society has had a large number of members -- all with code names and powers based on snakes. Villains like Sidewinder, Black Mamba, Cottonmouth, Diamondback and more have been part of this group as they worked for HYDRA, A.I.M., and The Kingpin. The best part is that one member -- Bushmaster -- has already appeared in Luke Cage season 2, so there is a possibility they already exist in the MCU.


White Tiger is an interesting proposition for Marvel Netflix. For one thing, the most recent character to take on this role is Aya Ayala and she appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, where she was part of a group that included none other than Iron Fist and Luke Cage. That alone gives her a connection to the heroes in the Marvel Netflix world.

However, there have also been some interesting rumors floated around by some fans. At the end of Iron Fist season one, Claire Temple -- the good doctor who has been around since Daredevil first burst onto the scene -- was taking martial arts training and grabbed a tiger claw-styled weapon to use. Could Claire become White Tiger on Netflix?


When Marvel got the rights back for Blade, Punisher, and Ghost Rider, fans started to wonder if the former Marvel Knights tentpole heroes were heading to the street level Marvel Netflix lineup of shows. Punisher showed up, Blade is still missing in action and Ghost Rider, surprisingly, ended up on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However, while Robbie Reyes was on the ABC series, that does not mean Ghost Rider also can't show up on Netflix.

This is the least likely of the characters on this list to show up because a motorcycle riding demon with a flaming skull doesn't fit in very well with the characters introduced on Netflix, even with people returning from the dead and a mystical Iron Fist. However, bringing in someone like Johnny Blaze or Danny Ketch could be an interesting proposition.



Ma Gnucci hates Frank Castle more than anyone else in comics. Frank has taken out so many members of her family -- both blood relatives and mafia family -- that she has made it her life's mission to destroy Punisher, making her one of his greatest and most persistent villains.

Ma Gnucci is one of Punisher's most persistent enemy. After Castle ends members of her family, she decided it's only fair to end him. It would be interesting to see how Frank would interact with Ma Gnucci if she were to make an appearance in season 2 of The Punisher.

The best thing is that Ma Gnucci has already been set up in the Marvel Netflix universe. In the first episode of The Punisher, Frank helps out a co-worker who falls astray of a local gang by eliminating the entire gang. The surname of the head of that gang was Gnucci. Well, Ma Gnucci has an endless supply of sons, and the fact that Frank took one out in the first season means that she will be targeting him in the future.


Sin-Eater has appeared in Marvel Comics since 1985 and he is usually a nemesis of Spider-Man and Ghost Rider. His biggest appearance was in one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all-time, The Death of Jean DeWolff, as the villain who took Jean DeWolff's life, he also took the life of Daredevil's close friend

With Sin-Eater a bad cop, and one that has a strong connection to Daredevil, it makes sense to bring him into the Marvel Netflix world rather than the Spider-Man world. There were also recent rumors that a new character in Daredevil season 3 of an FBI agent might be Sin-Eater, but as the S.H.I.E.L.D.-based version of the character introduced in the novel Spider-Man: Requiem.


The end of The Defenders included a scene that excited many Marvel Comics fans. With everyone believing Daredevil was dead, he was actually taken in by a convent tended to by nuns. When Matt wakes up, one of the nuns calls for Sister Maggie to come in and help. This is a huge Easter egg that will open up a big story in Daredevil season 3.

In the comics, Sister Maggie is Maggie Murdock -- Daredevil's mother. This was during the critically acclaimed Born Again storyline where Kingpin destroys Matt's life when he learns he is Daredevil. Maggie is one of the people there to help her son. That is the story that is rumored for season 3, and Maggie will almost surely be involved.


Critics regarded Iron Fist season 1 as the lesser of all the Marvel Netflix series. As a result, the series has switched up show-runners for season 2, with Raven Metzner signing on. With Iron Fist back and hoping to rebound with a better second outing, the questions started to come up about who the villain was going to be.

After defeating the Hand in The Defenders, Iron Fist is going to need a villain. Lady Gorgon is associated with the Hand in the comics, but it would be interesting to see what the show-runner would do with her character. 

Iron Fist will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year and there might be more information there, but recent rumors pointed to a female villain from the pages of Iron Fist comics. The villain listed for the season is Tonya Parker, an expert covert operative as well as a chameleon -- a character that some have guessed is none other than Lady Gorgon.


Steel Serpent is Iron Fist's primary nemesis and he has basically already appeared in the Netflix series. However, much like Jigsaw in The Punisher, Steel Serpent never took on this particular role during Iron Fist season 1. Instead, he appeared as Davos (Sacha Dhawan) and ended up an enemy of Danny Rand.

Much like in the comics, Davos was a skilled martial artist and the son of Lei Kung. In the comics, he lost in battle to Wendell Rand competing for the power of the Iron Fist. Wendell's son Danny then earned the power years later. On the Marvel Netflix series, Davos was a friend of Danny but jealousy concerning the power of the Iron Fist ended their friendship and he remains a perfect future villain.


When one thinks of Daredevil's greatest enemies, one name that sits at the top is Bullseye. It was Bullseye that killed Elektra in the comics and the Ben Affleck adaptation, but he was nowhere to be found when she died in the Marvel Netflix TV series. Now, with Kingpin setting out to destroy Matt Murdoch's life in season 2 of Daredevil, this could be the best chance to introduce Bullseye.

In the comics, the main bad guy was Nuke, but with Captain America not appearing on Netflix, bringing in Bullseye makes more sense. There have also been rumors that he is coming in season 3 thanks to official crew jackets in leaked photos having the Bullseye logo.


There is some great trivia concerning the first season of Jessica Jones that shows that things could have been completely different. As everyone knows, Jones' closest friend was her sister Trish Walker, whose mother adopted Jessica as a child. However, Trish wasn't original in the best friend role.

Captain Marvel may not be making an appearance in a Marvel Netflix series, but she is appearing her own solo movie and Avenger 4.

In the comics, when Killgrave was controlling Jessica Jones and she ended up fighting The Avengers, it was Captain Marvel who showed up to stop the fight and save Jessica. Carol Danvers, who was Jessica's, then helped her shake the control of Killgrave. Showrunner Melissa Rosenberg originally wanted Carol to be Jessica's best friend on the series, but her upcoming movie role meant that would never happen. Rosenberg said it was better to use Trish in the end since she had no superpowers!

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