Champions Relaunch Planned for 2019


Things are about to get bigger for Marvel’s Champions. In 2019 starting with a new #1 issue, the team of teen superheroes will gain new members and face even bigger threats. Writer Jim Zub made the announcement at Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel at New York Comic Con.

Joining Zub will be artist Steve Cummings, who helped co-create the Image Comics title Wayward with the writer”We’ve got surprises you’ve never seen coming,” Zub promised. The first issue’s cover by Kim Jacinto was displayed, showing the full team and new tag line: “Because The World Still Needs Heroes.”

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The Champions first came together in the aftermath of 2016’s Civil War II, frustrated with the constant infighting in the superhero community. Right now, the current lineup is Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Viv Vision, Unstoppable Wasp Nadia Pym, Ironheart, and Brawn. Joining the team in the relaunch will be Patriot and Red Locust, who were previously part of the team’s membership drive, and Power Man, last seen on the New Avengers when it had control of A.I.M. Sam Alexander, previously Nova but since depowered after the Nova Corps took his helmet back, will remain on the team.

Champions #1 by Jim Zub and Steve Cummings will release January 2019.

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