The New Power Man Might Be Marvel's Latest Omega-Level Superhero

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Marvel's War of the Realms and Champions, on sale now.

Victor Alvarez has been quite an interesting addition to the Marvel Universe since debuting in Shadowland: Power Man #1 from Fred Van Lente and Mahmud Asrar in 2010. He'd go on to assert himself as a Hero For Hire, catching the eye of Iron Fist and, naturally, Luke Cage since he began using the Power Man mantle.

Since then, he's gained their approval, moving from a rookie to a member of the Avengers Academy, the Chosen (along with X-23 during Fear Itself), and he's even worked with the Mighty Avengers. However, while Vic's initial abilities had him merely harnessing Chi to power up in battle, his stint in Champions has recently revealed he might well the latest Omega-level hero on the block.

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When an explosion in Hell's Kitchen killed several people, Vic survived by harnessing the Chi or energy around as a kid. This granted him superhuman strength and he'd refine this as time passed to become Power Man, someone impervious to almost anything thrown at him. What made his origin all the more intriguing was his father was Luke's enemy, Shades, a thug from New York. Now, Shades was a combatant who didn't have superpowers, so it's either he wasn't really the son of Shades and Reina, or his mom had some sort of connection to mystical powers we didn't know of.

That said, Vic's matured and become a hero even his senior counterparts can trust. As a result, when War of the Realms occurred, Vic was quite an asset alongside Ms. Marvel, Viv Vision, Locust, Pinpoint and Co. when the youngsters were in Brazil fending off Brun and the Disir -- who were disgraced Valkyrie warriors trying to claim the land for Amora the Enchantress.

In the heat of battle, however, just when Brun shows Kamala how she died and the deal Miles Morales struck to bring her back, as the leader is about to be killed, Power Man jumps in to save her and inadvertently reveals to us a component of his game not even he knew existed.

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Brun stabs him with her supernatural sword as he attempts to rescue Kamala, but Power Man absorbs it and survives the lethal blow. He then absorbs the Chi of the sword and all Brun's warriors, dishing out justice like never before. His power-levels are off the charts, as he even grows in stature a la Goliath, and becomes the Champions' own Giant Man. Eventually, they repel the attackers and in the wake, Vic's stunned to know he could absorb these mystical and spiritual energies.

It stands to reason other Chi such as cosmic energies could be absorbed too, making Vic a siphon for anything out there, and seeing as he can use his skills to preserve his own fabric, he may well be immortal!

Sadly, this goes to his head as he doesn't fully comprehend what it means -- he just think he's a badass. But as Dust points out, the risk he took in getting stabbed could have backfired. As Viv notes how exponentially strong he's gotten, though, clearly, he'll keep taking more risks now that he's powered up to Omega-levels.

As for what this means, Vic really should be checking out his new abilities because we don't know if he could end up like Rogue or the Absorbing Man where these powers might prove to be harmful to his body or those around. Honestly, using Chi like this is something Iron Fist or Reed Richards should be advising on because Vic is taking in the life essences of beings and relics, so unless he's careful, he might be corrupted soon if he picks the wrong fight.

Until then, however, Power Man has been upgraded and he's certainly putting the superhero world on notice.

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