Marvel's Champions Have Lost - and Gained - A Founding Member

WARNING: The following contains full spoilers for Champions #18, with writing by Mark Waid, art by Humberto Ramos, colors by Edgar Delgado, and inks by Victor Olazaba. 

Marvel's current team of Champions was born out of the fallout of Civil War II. Miles Morales' Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, Nova (Sam Alexander), Totally Awesome Hulk Amadeus Cho, the young time displaced Cyclops and Viv Vision came together with the goal of trying to be better than the adult superheroes they had worked, and looked up to, with in the past.

The group's mission statement is to "change the world," and it's that statement and their relationships with each other that have kept the six of them together. Until now. As the series prepares to say hello to a new creative team with the next issue, Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos give a send off to one of the original six members, even as another gets a new lease on life.

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Champions #18 picks up immediately where last issue left off. Viv 2.0's programming was infected by a virus that turned her homicidal towards her flesh and blood sister, and in an act of desperation, the human Viv had to kill her sister...right as the Champions arrived at the Vision household.

Now, while the Champions try to save the dying synthezoid on the floor, Viv runs away just moments before the Vision shows up and demands Nadia Pym shrink down to Wasp size in order to analyze Viv 2.0's brain functions.

With Viv 2.0 in capable hands, the other Champions set about finding Viv, aided by new recruits Ironheart, Red Locust, Patriot Rayshaun Lucas and the second Falcon, Joaquin Torres. Split into pairs, none of them are able to find her, since they never planned for her to become a human in the first place and can't resort to tracking her online connection like they could when she was a synthezoid. No, the one who finds her hiding in a sewer drain is her father, who remembered how she picked the same spot when the family once played a game of hide and seek.

Vision plainly asks his daughter why she decided to run away, explaining that he had already learned of Viv 2.0's infection and her murderous last words. Viv's answer is appropriately human: She'd never killed anyone before and was afraid that her father would hate her for what she had done.

Taking Viv back to see Viv 2.0, he informs her that while her synthezoid form is technically "alive," she'll never be able regain consciousness thanks to both the virus and Viv's actions. There's no way to bring Viv 2.0 back without the virus, but for Vision, just having his daughters safe and sound is enough. But for Viv, this is not acceptable, and with Wasp's help, she does the only thing she can think of: she transfers herself into the body of her sister, becoming a synthezoid yet again and promising that the other Viv will live through her.

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