Marvel's Champions Go International, Including a New East Indian Hero

Champions #1

Writer Jim Zub is taking Marvel's Champions international, with the team poised to bring along a new hero for the globe-trotting adventures.

While the original five of Spider-Man, Brawn, Ms. Marvel, Nova and Viv Vision remain, they've bolstered their ranks with the additions of Ironheart, Snowguard and the Unstoppable Wasp. In the new Champions #1, which goes on sale in January, the eight will be joined by Locust, Patriot and Falcon (who were reserve members during Secret Empire), plus Bombshell and Power Man.

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The lineup is rounded out by a mutant who joins in the third issue, plus a new hero, East Indian teen Qureshi Gupta, aka Pinpoint. Qureshi has the ability to create teleportation discs that take anyone anywhere in the world.

Champions #1

Speaking with Newsarama, Zub detailed the plan he had for the Champions, believing they needed A-list threats to take on if they were to be A-list heroes on par with the Avengers or X-Men.

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"I came back with one of the riskiest stories I've ever pitched," he said, "a fiercely dramatic first arc where we push these characters into unexpected places and give them the chance to show us their humanity and heroism."

Champions #1, by Jim Zub and Steven Cummings, goes on sale Jan. 2 from Marvel Comics.

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