Marvel Celebrates "Back To The Future" Day With "Deadpool & Cable" Cover

Revealed during yesterday's batch of January previews, the cover for "Deadpool and Cable: Split Second" #2 from artist Reilly Brown finds the titular duo stepping in for Marty and Doc Brown. Appropriately, Marvel posted the image to their Facebook page.

Now, we can only go back. http://bit.ly/1W5nBie

Posted by Marvel on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

As a digital-first comic, you can read the first part of writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Brown's "Deadpool and Cable: Split Second" right now online. Issue #2, the one with the "BTTF"-inspired cover, drops in January -- or right now, if you have a time-traveling DeLorean. But be careful, okay? Remember what happened in act two of "Back to the Future II."

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