Marvel, Cebulski Debunk All Your Theories with Spider-Man '3' Teaser

When Marvel Comics posted a cryptic Spider-Man teaser image over the weekend, fan speculation ranged from a team-up with the Fantastic Four to a comic adaptation of Sam Raimi's unreleased Spider-Man 4 script.

However, Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski has responded to those fan theories after the publisher released a new teaser image with the number 3, possibly meaning fan can expect a countdown until an official announcement of the project.

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"Wait, so it's not a Spider-Man/FF crossover?!? You mean, it's not a comic adaptation of Spider-Man 4?!? I told you, you will not see this one coming! #MarvelComics," Cebulski retweeted.

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The #MarvelComics hash included in the teaser images and social media posts indicates whatever the project is, it will be for the publisher's comics lineup and not a feature film. Also, with this now being a countdown, that eliminates anything Spider-Man 4-related.

Cebulski's tease that "you will not see this one coming" could definitely mean this is a story fans have never conceived before, with potential big-time creators also attached. We also don't know what the timeline is for the countdown, but with yesterday's "4" teaser and today offering the number 3, we should expect to see tease #2 arrive sometime Tuesday.

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Stay tuned to CBR for the impending announcement.

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