Marvel catches a wave; Publisher releases teaser images

On Friday Marvel Comics released two teaser images under the banner "The First Wave" to the press supporting projects we're told they'll discuss more later this month. The first image released asks the question "Who is Gus Beezer?" Click the image below.

Marvel would not discuss this project now, other than to say it is coming and it appears this will be for an April release. In an interview over at Jazma Online, "Zoom's Academy" creator Jason Lethcoe let slip a few details about this project.

"I just finished working on a project for Marvel with Gail Simone, and love her work! It is a mini series entitled 'The Marvel-ous Adventures of Gus Beezer' and will be out sometime in the near future."

Thanks to Newsarama for the tip.

Later on Friday Marvel released another teaser image, this one proclaiming "Change is Good." We'll let you decide. Click the image to enlarge.

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