Marvel Capitalizes On Gay Wedding Interest With "Astonishing" Variant

Marvel Comics is already well equipped to roll out tribute covers for its fallen heroes when the death of a character strikes a chord with the general public, but today, the publisher is making a similar push in celebration of the wedding of "Astonishing X-Men's" Northstar and his steady boyfriend Kyle.

This morning on Rollingstone.com, Marvel unveiled a new cover for next month's "Astonishing" #51 by Marko Djurdjevic depicting the moment after "I do" as Editor-in-Chief Axel Alosno told the famed music and progressive culture magazine why they made the move. ""When gay marriage became legal in New York State, it raised obvious questions since most of our heroes reside in New York State. Northstar is the first openly gay character in comics and he's been in a longterm relationship with his partner Kyle so the big question was - how would this change his relationship?" Alonso said, echoing statements shared with CBR this week.

"Astonishing" writer Marjorie Liu chimed in as well, saying, "looked at relationships between police officers, soldiers, etcetera, and their spouses. You have, for example, one partner who is always going off into dangerous situations, whose 'team' at work is an important, integral, part of their lives, and then you've got the person left behind. Like Kyle, who has a perfectly wonderful life, a great job, but is a human man who has to watch his partner go fight aliens or giant robots, or insane supervillains at the drop of a hat, and there's nothing he can do to help. On a bad day, he might even be a target himself. So, thinking about Kyle in those terms, empathizing with him, I've had to mull the strains and stresses that being with Northstar would put on him, those parts of his life that he feels are lacking, what he wants long-term that he's afraid he can't have, and so on."

For more, check out Rolling Stone, and be sure to check back on CBR this week for more on the proliferation of wedding stories coming out of Marvel.

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