Marvel Cancels "Spider-Man 2099," Announces David & Sliney's "Secret Wars 2099"

UPDATED 2/3/2015 1:58 PM PT:

Marvel has provided new character designs for Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow by artist Will Sliney.

Peter David and Will Sliney's "Spider-Man 2099" is coming to a close, but the creative team will remain together when they launch "Secret Wars 2099" in May, as Marvel's big event begins to reshape the publisher's universe.

Announced on IGN, the new series features the debut of the Avengers of 2099, though this incarnation of the team is a bit more corporate than readers and moviegoers are used to.

"They're all going to be working for Alchemax," David told IGN, referring to the monolithic corporation that has been a 2099 mainstay since the universe debuted in 1992. "In that respect it's almost similar to my recent 'X-Factor,' except Alchemax is more or less running the United States in 2099."

The series, which Marvel declined to announce as either an ongoing or mini, will take place in the new Marvel reality, though David assures fans they can pick it up without having to follow the main "Secret Wars" title.

"It's set on Battleworld the way the others are, but honestly, it doesn't tie into Secret Wars beyond that," David said. "The events of Secret Wars proper might be mentioned in passing somewhere, but 2099 is definitely its own story."


Written by Peter David

Penciled by William Sliney

Cover by TBD

On Sale 5/27/2015

When everything ends, it's time to go back to the future. Revisit the world of 2099 and see it a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances - including the AVENGERS 2099. Can the ideal of Earth's Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where megacorporations rule with an iron fist?

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